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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Here's a snapshot of my MUST have skincare essentials I'll be packing in my hospital bag.

Just to give you an overview of these products by Weleda, they can be used for everyday. I've found these to be really effective for my skin, whether I'm looking to even out my stretch marks and skin to simply staying dry under the arms - I'm definitely loving these top three products by Weleda

Check out my Top 3 skincare essentials for pregnancy below: 

Nipple Care Cream, Weleda, RRP $30.95 

I've heard that in preparation for breastfeeding and during pregnancy, Mothers will encounter sore, tender and cracked nipples...which is why a Nipple Care Cream by Weleda comes in handy. Even if you suffer from dry nipples, this product still works amazingly well as it's super light weight. 

Thanks to Aloe Vera, Marshmallow and natural plant oils, they work well together to soften and care for the nipples, providing the much needed relief. 

I'll be definitely packing this product in my hospital bag as I feel that it will be super handy to have. It's better to be prepared than never! 

Stretch Mark Massage Oil, Weleda, RRP $27.95

I've been switching it up with my massage oils because I wanted to see what other products will work for my skin. As for Weleda's Stretch Mark Massage Oil (which helps to prevent stretch marks with its almond oil), I've been definitely using this product twice a day. Although I've been applying on various oils on my skin since the first trimester, I've finally developed stretch marks which are a natural part of pregnancy. 

After using this massage oil by Weleda, I feel that it has definitely reduced the amount of stretch marks on my skin. It also does a great job in leaving my skin feeling moisturised, supple and toned. The Stretch Mark Massage Oil only uses natural ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Rose, Neroli and an extract of Arnica which specifically helps to prevent stretch marks from forming. 

With continued use of the Stretch Mark Massage Oil, you can look to expect a prevention of stretch marks as it also helps to increase your skin's elasticity and smoothness. You won't exactly see the stretch marks go away completely but it's a great way to keep the areas well nourished and moisturised. 

Pomegranate 24-HR Roll On Deodorant, Weleda,
 RRP $16.95 

I'm loving this deodorant featuring Weleda's Pomegranate 24h Roll-On which leaves fresh and fruity notes of orange and davana. This is definitely one essential I'll be packing in my hospital bag because it will come so handy for those sweaty underarms. This product works well without plugging the pores and it's also free from nasties such as aluminium salts, fragrances, raw materials and colourants. 


Have you tried any of the above? 

What do you consider as a MUST HAVE for packing in your hospital bag? 

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