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Saturday, October 20, 2018


We all know that Real Techniques is Australia's number one selling makeup brush brand...here are some of the top 3 brush sets you need! 

Of all of the brushes I've tried by date, the Real Techniques brand is by far the best I've tried out so far. They offer brush kits for every beauty lover out there, especially if you're after a specific set that does a certain job. Each of the brushes have been designed by Youtube sensations Sam & Nic Chapman, where they offer 100% cruelty-free synthetic brushes. 

A few months back I recently attended a Make-up Masterclass hosted by award-winning Australian make-up artist, Sarah Laidlaw who has been using the Real Techniques brush range with her clients. 

Sarah says: "It really is surprising how many Australians still use their fingers to apply makeup! As well as being a much more hygienic option, using a makeup brush really does give a much more flawless finish, ensuring makeup stays on longer and uses less product so those favourites last longer. Once people 'tool up' with Real Techniques, they won't look back, application is quick, easy, and of course results in a professional makeup finish."  
When it comes to the quality of the Real Technique brushes, I've found that it doesn't shed as much hairs as the other brushes I've used in the past. The bristles are super plush and very gentle on the skin. The soft fibres help you to achieve a flawless and high definition finish which is why I've been loving these brushes so much. 

The Top 3 brush sets by Real Techniques includes of the below: 

Flawless Base Set, RRP $47.50 

This is the perfect starter kit to create a natural and flawless look. The kit comes with four brushes being the contour brush, detailer brush, buffing brush and square foundation brush (plus a brush cup to store all of the brushes neatly in between uses - I find this so handy). I love how sturdy these brushes feel and they're easy to hold and grip. 

Sculpting Set, RRP $47.50 

These brushes are designed so that if you're looking to accentuate any of your favourite feature, this is the perfect kit to get! The kit comes with a sculpting brush, fan brush and setting brush which is perfect for finishing your overall makeup look. Once again it comes bonus with a cup holder which allows you to store your brushes neatly. 

Enhance Eye Set, RRP $45

Last but not least, you cannot go wrong with this great value set which features five essential brushes you need to enhance your overall eye look. It comes with a medium shadow brush, crease brush, fine liner brush, shading brush and a lash separator (plus the storage cup). These are all good quality brushes which help you to achieve a flawless eye look. 

For more information about the Real Techniques brushes, you can head over here. 

Otherwise, Priceline is your best stockist for the Real Techniques brushes if you're based in Australia. 


Have you tried any of these brushes before by Real Techniques?  

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