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Monday, November 26, 2018


Want to hear more about YSL's new lip stains and lipsticks which stays put for all day long? 

YSL Beauty have released their latest Tatouage Couture, The Metallics Matte Stain as well as the Rouge Pur Couture, The Slim. If you're after some new luxury lip matte stains and lipsticks, this a range not to be missed. 

For the Tatouage Couture, The Metallics Matte Stain, you can essentially create a bold and long-lasting ultra-matte look. It feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear on the lips making it ideal for any occasion. Since it comes in the form of a stain, you can be rest assured that it will stay put on the lips for all day long (even through eating and drinking). I love the idea of applying a matte stain onto the lips because I know that it will last longer through drinks and food. That way I don't have to worry about my lipstick smudging from my lips. 

Then we have the YSL Rouge Pur Couture, The Slim which is the first super slim "square" couture lipstick which has been inspired by the iconic designs of the Yves Saint Laurent Couture House. I find this to be very intriguing and what better way to incorporate some elegance to their range. This is a lipstick that's long-lasting, matte and luxurious. After testing out this product, I felt that it was incredibly pigmented, rich and was weightless on the lips. The Slim, literally glides on smoothly onto the lips thanks to its creamy formula which feels and looks beautiful. 

Furthermore, the fact that it comes in a square bullet design, this actually helps you to create more of a neat and clean lipstick look on the lips. 

Overall, these new luxury lip stains and lipsticks are lovely to play with especially when it comes to creating a day or night look. If you want your lip product to stay put on all night, then my best recommendation is to invest in a good quality lipstick that lasts. I've been loving the lip range by YSL Beauty because of their quality, packaging and of course long-lasting aspect to them. 

For more information regarding YSL's beauty range, you can hit up their official website here

Tatouage Couture, The Metallics, 
Shade 101 (Chrome Red Clash) 

Featuring a blood red/orange shade with a tint of metallic shimmer to it. For a vibrant and beautiful looking lips, this a lovely shade to rock for a day or night look. 

Tatouage Couture, The Metallics, 
Shade 105 (Magnetic Prune Temper)  

For a dark magenta/purple shade that comes with a tinge of metallic gold, this shade makes it a bold and gorgeous look to wear for an evening night out. 

Tatouage Couture, The Metallics, 
Shade 104 (Rose Gold Riot) 

For a three-dimensional rose gold look for the lips, you may enjoy wearing Rose Gold Riot. It's subtle and creates a natural and simple look with some dimension. This shade is great for a day look if you want to wear less and rock that 'natural and no makeup look'. 

Rouge Our Couture, The Slim (Leather Matte Lipstick) in 21 Rouge Paradoxe

For a signature and bold sexy look for the lips, the shade in 21 Rouge Paradoxe looks so gorgeous and vibrant. As it comes in a matte texture, these will make your lips look softer and chic. 



From top to bottom: 

(1) Rouge Pur Couture, The Slim, Leather Matte Lipstick in shade 21 Rouge Paradoxe

(2) Tatouage Couture, The Metallics in shade 104 Rose Gold Riot 

(3) Tatouage Couture, The Metallics in shade 105 Magnetic Prune Temper 

(4) Tatouage Couture, The Metallics in shade 101 Chrome Red Clash 


Have you checked out the latest range by YSL Beauty? 

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