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Thursday, December 20, 2018


What better way to gift some new skincare essentials...
Here are some stocking stuffers that are ideal for that special someone in your life...especially if they're in need of some new skincare essentials...

LUMA, Crushed Pearl Facial Polish, RRP $34.95

Featuring a gentle facial polish designed to rid any dead skin cells or dry skin on the face. It leaves you with a healthy and smooth complexion - perfect for the New Year. The polish comes with crushed fine pearls which works very gentle on the skin. Your skin will look illuminated and brighter looking! 

Available here

Nu Skin Nutricentials Celltrex Ultra Recovery Mask, 
RRP $53

You simply cannot go wrong with face masks especially with the Ultra Recovery Mask which helps to revitalise the skin. The masks are made with 100% cotton which helps to product to absorb easily onto the skin, without any hassles. Your skin will be left feeling incredibly hydrated and refreshed. The masks are best used after your skin is cleansed for the day. 

Available here

Nu Skin In The Rau Dry Body Oil

This nourishing dry body oil is perfect for seasons, especially with Christmas around the corner. It's super hydrating and leaves the skin with a surge of moisture after application. It also leaves the skin with a natural sheen which is perfect if you're after that 'glow' effect. 

Available here

KLIM Wash 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner,
RRP $17.95

For the man in your life, look to stock him up with the KLIM Wash, 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. If he tends to forget using conditioner, then this is the perfect pick! It's a nourishing hair product which works to cleanse, nourish and revitalise the hair. 

Available here

KLIM Shave Aqua Cool Shave Gel, RRP $10.95

Featuring a refreshing shave gel which is different to your usual foam based shaving products. Designed to minimise lathering, it's made to help with precision shaving at the same time. It contains naturally active ingredients such as coconut oil and peppermint. 

Available here

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub with Coconut Travel Pack, RRP $9.99

Scrub away dry skin with the coffee scrub by C Lab & Co. I've been using this product religiously and it's definitely a favourite scrub so far. 

Available here


What will you be picking up for your Christmas stocking stuffers this year? 

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