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Monday, December 17, 2018


Armani Beauty have released their latest Tone Up Cushion as well as the Rouge D'Armani Matte Lipstick range which are so perfect for gift giving...

For a touch of elegance and luxe, you guys will love the NEW My Armani To Go Tone Up Cushion as well as the Rouge D'Armani Matte Lipstick range by Armani Beauty. 

We all know how popular the 'My Armani To Go New Iconic Cushion' has flourished in the beauty market. It truly is the perfect to go cushion foundation product that brings together an advanced formulation which leaves you with supreme coverage. But what if you wanted a product for a much lighter coverage for whenever you're on the go? 

Recently, Armani Beauty have launched their 'My Armani To Go Essence-In Foundation Tone-Up Cushion' which offers a dewy and light glow for your overall skin complexion whilst being on the go. The Tone-Up cushion leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and refreshed. The idea of this cushion is so that you can touch up in between breaks for that refreshing look. 

As for the beautifully packaged Rouge D'Armani Matte Lipstick range, they offer an intense matte lipstick coverage for the lips. Essentially you can achieve maximum comfort and colour payoff within just one stroke. You'll be pleased to know that the matte lipstick contains 50% more pigments than their traditional lipstick. I am loving the overall magnetic packaging of this lipstick as it feels so durable and luxury.

For more information, check out the Giorgio Armani Beauty page here

Excited to hear more about what I thought about these? Check out the below. 

My Armani To Go Essence In Foundation Tone-Up Cushion, RRP $105 

How trendy is this light pink case? This is really a must-have accessory for the face. If you're after a natural and dewy foundation glow, then this is the perfect product for you. Not only does it offer a light foundation coverage but it also comes with the anti-ageing benefits and anti-pollution protection. 

There are 6 tone-up shades available and each of the Tone-Up Cushions come with a cushion applicator which makes it easy for you to apply on the go. The product comes in a light and creamy texture which makes it feel so comfortable and natural looking on the skin. It doesn't feel too heavy or anything like that which is ideal for a touch-up and go foundation.

What I love about this cushion foundation is that it glides on the skin very easily leaving you with a natural glow and finish. Skin feels super soft and it's perfect that natural makeup look. I can literally wear this product on my skin for all day long without it feeling too heavy or caked on. It's super comfortable to wear on a daily basis which is why I've been touching up with the Tone-Up Cushion whenever I'm out and about. 

Featuring the Tone-Up Cushion Foundation by Armani Beauty. 

Armani Beauty, Rouge d'Armani, Matte Finish Lipsticks, RRP $55

There's definitely something amazing about these new matte lipsticks by Armani Beauty. They're intense matte looking, comfortable to wear and you can achieve full coverage within just one stroke. You'll be pleased to know that the lasting matte finish contains up to 50% more pigments than their traditional matte lipsticks - which means you get full beautiful coverage for the lips. 

Most importantly, they last all day long making them ideal for a day or night wear. The fact that they're comfortable to wear all day, they give of a smooth and supple lip colour for the lips. The product didn't bleed during application which is incredible for a luxury matte lipstick, making them super pleasant to wear on the lips. 


From top to bottom shades featuring 
Rouge D'Armani Matte Lipsticks by Giorgio Armani: 

600 - Altitude - Love this berry and mahogany shade that looks stunning with a neutral coloured or white outfit.

201 - Nightberry  - For more of a warm and deep berry shade, Nightberry works for those who want to achieve a sexy look for the lips. 

102 - Androgino - This shade is definitely a nice coral shade to rock on the lips, perfect for work or even a day look. 

500 - Fatale - More of a deep coral shade that lies more on the warm tones. 

400 - Four Hundred - For a vibrant pink/red look, you'll definitely make a statement with this gorgeous shade. 

402 - Red to Go - More of a red/orange youthful shade which would suit all skin tones out there.  

What's your favourite shade from the above? 


Have you tried any of the latest beauty range by Giorgio Armani as yet? 

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