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Thursday, May 16, 2019


Swatches featuring the Limited Edition Crushed Liquid Lip by Bobbi Brown. 

Top: West Coast Bae 

Bottom: Ambre 

Are you guys excited to try out the latest shades from the Limited Edition Crushed Liquid Lip by Bobbi Brown? 

Bobbi Brown's Limited Edition Crushed Liquid Lips are definitely worth checking out. They are now available in 6 beautiful shades. As you can see from the swatches above, I tried out more of their mocha/chocolate shades including West Coast Bae and Ambre. The shades are so warm and vibrant, they're so perfect for a day look. The liquid lips offer full coverage and leave the lips feeling well moisturised and hydrated. I love how the product offers the moisture-richness from a balm and a sweet sheen for glossy looking lips. Also, they look to give your lips more of a plumped up look and most importantly they feel incredibly comfortable to wear on all day long. 

The Limited Edition Crushed Liquid Lips by Bobbi Brown are now available for a limited time only. Each RRP $40. Selected shades are available via www.bobbibrown.com.au

The perfect shades for a warm, deep look for the lips. 


Which shade is your favourite? 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Are you looking for a skincare fix to help curb sun spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation? 

One particular brand which has recently caught my eye has to be, 'The Ordinary' skincare range which features scientific inspired products and 'Clinical formulations with integrity'. Their simplistic, clean and straight to the point packaging is essentially what interested me to give them a go, as well as reading various reviews online. 

With further research into how to tackle sun spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation spots, there are numerous brands and products that's suited for everyone out there. So far I've tried out a few products from The Ordinary (which are serum based products) and I can definitely see a greater difference to my skin's complexion. After using these products I would highly stress for you to use a high SPF sunscreen protection. Some of them contain effective and potent acids which can lead to your skin becoming very sensitive over time. 

Here are some picks for you to consider from The Ordinary skincare range: 

This is essentially a brightening serum containing Vitamin C where it does NOT alcohol, oil, silicone, nut and gluten. Plus it's cruelty-free and vegan. This serum is best used for where you have uneven skin tone, dullness and are showing signs of ageing. Simply use about 1-2 drops and massage this onto your skin in the AM and PM. This serum is water based so it's super lightweight and absorbs easily onto the skin. 

Overall since using this serum it has greatly transformed my skin as it looks more glowing, plump and healthier looking now. If your skin is looking a dull, then simply pop on this serum to observe the skin transformation effects.

This is a very lightweight solution where it looks to smooth out any textured skin or dryness, ideal for winter or the cooler season. As this product does contain retinoid, it can make your skin more sensitive to UV exposure so it's essential to use a high SPF sun protection on a daily basis. As it does contain a potent level of retinoid, I do prefer to use this product at night just before I sleep. A few drops does go a long way so there's no need to use so much of this product within your beauty skincare regime. 

If you want to achieve a superficial dermal peeling that's more gentle than other stronger acids, then the Mandelic Acid may be ideal for you. It's perfect for those looking to target uneven skin tone, textured skin as well as skin ageing. As it contains mandelic acid (10%), this allows the product to absorb the skin more slowly and in a gentle way.  I love the fact that it looks to exfoliate any dead skin cells which essentially helps you to achieve a brighter and smoother skin complexion. I found this formula to be very gentle on my skin and I didn't experience any redness or irritations which is ideal. 

Once again always ensure to use a high SPF sun protection when going outdoors to protect your skin from the UV rays. 


Have you tried out any products by The Ordinary? 

Monday, May 13, 2019


For all of the hand cream lovers out there... 
Jurlique have recently released their latest NEW Fragrant Rose Hand Cream (with Rose gallica flower extract) which smells absolutely beautiful. It's a limited edition version of one of their most iconic products so it's definitely not to be missed. Their formulation is free from any nasties being artificial fragrances, silicones, petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, etc. 

Look to lather your hands in this indulgent hand cream for some extra hydration and protection against further environmental aggressors. Furthermore, the hand cream features a natural fragrance that awakens our senses and really evokes a spa like experience, all thanks to its fragrant rose oils. 

The NEW Fragrant Rose Hand Cream (Limited Edition), RRP $59 (100ml) and will be available on 20th May 2019. For more information, make sure to check out their official site here


On counters 20th May. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019


TVSN has all of the goodies for this Mother's Day... 

Look to buy for Mum or treat yourself for this Mother's Day with some exclusive brands and products. TVSN offers quality jewellery, beauty, health, fashion, kitchen, electronics and home products. 

The RARE by LIVKIN I am Delicate Hydrate & Restore Mask with Sapphire is a beautiful product which has been formulated with silica rich New Zealand Glacial clay skin ingredients. It's best suited for those suffering from dry and dehydrated skin. This mask will absolutely restore your skin's radiance and glow. In the box comes included with an application mask brush. 

This mask leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and moisturised right after application. It doesn't dry out your skin which is essential when it comes to clay face masks. You really want to use masks where it can restore your skin back to looking healthy once again. 

For further information, switch on to TVSN, otherwise check out their official website here


Have you checked out TVSN as yet? 


After some gift set ideas for this Mother's Day? 

Rodan and Fields are offering this fabulous gift set for a limited time which retails for $166. Included in this beautifully packed box, you receive a REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum (60 capsules) and their Multi-Function Eye Cream (15ml). Plus it comes with a complimentary Wake Up Fabulous Sleep Mask which is perfect for snoozing away. 

This box is designed for those targeting anti-ageing as it contains products that are full of potent ingredients, all made to give you firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. Their eye cream (which contains powerful peptides) works incredibly well to reduce any fine lines and tired looking eyes. As for their Intensive Renewing Serum, these come in the form of capsules which are not made to be consumed, but instead apply onto the skin. It contains Retinal-MD Technology which empowers the skin's own renewing process so that you achieve glowing and healthier looking skin. 

This gift set is perfect just in time for this Mother's Day and what better way to spoil mum with a useful range of products that she'll definitely put to good use. 

For more information regarding of the range, check out their official page here

Featuring the Wake Up Fabulous Gift Set for this Mother's Day 

REDEFINE Mult-Function Eye Cream 

REDFINE Intensive Renewing Serum Capsules 


What will you be gifting Mum for this Mother's Day? 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Mother's Day is this week and what better way to spoil her with the gift of extraordinary skin. 

Look to ignite that glow with this wonderful set of products by Jurlique. You can grab the Herbal Recovery Gift Set by Jurlique here(RRP $205). I personally enjoy using the serum, essence and moisturising range by Jurlique on a daily basis, because I feel that it has definitely helped to leave my skin looking healthier and glowing. The gift set is a fabulous idea for mum if she's in need of a revamp of her skincare products. Also, they make great travelling sized products which are so perfect for weekend or seasonal getaways. 

The luxurious box includes: 
  • Herbal Recovery Signature Serum (30ml) - I can't get enough of this serum as it's lightweight and absorbs easily onto the skin. Look to wake up with a fresh complexion. 
  • Activating Water Essence (10ml) - My skincare saviour and must-have in everyone's skincare essentials. It provides a whole heap of hydration and smoothness for your skin. I love how this gift set comes with a miniature sized bottle, making it perfect to pack in your handbag. This product will leave the skin feeling so revitalised. 
  • Herbal Recovery Moisturising Cream (50ml) - For the added hydration and moisture for the skin, look to apply on the moisturising cream both morning and night. Plus, it smells wonderful. 
  • Herbal Recovery Eye Cream (15ml) - To prevent further ageing and wrinkles in future, an eye cream is must. Indulge in this luxurious formulated eye cream which feels super soft and hydrating on the skin. 

For other gift sets by Jurlique, you can visit their official website here

Herbal Recovery Gift Set, Jurlique. 


What will you be picking up for this Mother's Day? 

Monday, May 6, 2019



Introduce Mum to A'kin with a gift set filled with products designed to make your skin glow. 

Every year for Mother's Day, I always love to surprise my Mum with a range of brands that she hasn't discovered as yet. This year I will be gifting my Mum with one of the gift sets by well known botanical skincare brand, A'kin. Their range of products is filled with botanical extracts where they are designed to nourish, hydrate and moisturise the skin. Furthermore, their products are 100% Vegan, not tested on animals and is considered Halal. 

I've opted with the Moisture Rich Miracle Facial Trio by A'kin which RRP $39.99 (valued at $57.85 which is definitely a bargain). This set is ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin as it looks to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. 

For the Moisture Rich Miracle Facial Trio, you receive: 
  • Nourishing Cream Cleanser & Toner - This is enriched with Rose, Geranium, Shea Butter and Sesame Oil, perfect for cleansing the skin (especially if you have make-up on), and it leaves the skin feeling well nourished and hydrated. 
  • Rose Mist Toner - I love everything about A'kin's range of mist toners as they are quite uplifting and refreshing for your skin. The included Rose Mist Toner does wonders for your skin as it instantly soothes and relaxes your skin. 
  • Rosehip Oil Facial Moisturiser - This facial moisturiser is very lightweight and it doesn't clog the pores which is amazing. It works to keep the skin well hydrated, soft and moisturised. 
  • Bonus muslin cloth for cleansing your skin 

Featuring the Moisture Rich Miracle Facial Trio by A'kin, perfect for Mother's Day


What will you be gifting Mum for this Mother's Day? 

Saturday, May 4, 2019


We all know how messy and sticky tanning appointments can leave our skin feeling. Little Tanning Dress offers a stylish range of outfits that are designed to take you to your tanning appointment and back out again to your favourite place, in style of course. What's more is that you can alternatively wear these comfortable tanning dresses out as you do your regular errands, special occasions and much more. (I literally can live in tanning dresses as they are so stretchy and comfortable to wear). 

Here are some tips to prepare you for a spray tan session: 
  • Make sure to wear flip flops or sandals to your appointment. It just makes life easier. 
  • Wear outfits that are dark (either black or dark blue are safe colours to opt for - never white of course).
  • Wear outfits that are comfortable, flowing and don't cling onto your skin. 
  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin a few days or the night before your spray tan appointment. 
  • Moisturise your skin right after your appointment as this will ensure that your tan lasts longer. 

Here are three stylish ways to wear the Little Tanning Dress: 

On my way to the tanning salon, I am wearing the Kimono Robe in Black (RRP $59.95 AUD) in Black by Little Tanning Dress.

This kimono inspired dress is perfect for everyday as it's simple and stylish. 

Prancing around the park in the Brooklyn Tanning Dress (RRP $59.95 AUD) in Navy by Little Tanning Dress. You can wear this dress multiple ways such as a one shouldered dress or tie it up as a halter dress. You can even get away with it at a special event as it has that 'formal' and stylish look to it.

Head to your tanning appointments in style! 

Last but not least you cannot go wrong with a traditional kaftan with a twist to it. Featuring the Courtney Kaftan Tanning Dress (RRP $59.95 AUD) in Navy, it features an elegant V-neckline and a peaked hi-low hemline which adds a little style to your overall outfit.

 I've cinched my dress with a belt to show you that it's super wearable for just about any occasion, and not just tanning appointments. 


Have you checked out the tanning dresses by Little Tanning Dress? 

Friday, May 3, 2019


For this Mother's Day, look to spoil Mum with a brand spankin' new fragrant candle... 

Glasshouse fragrances have recently released their limited edition 'Flower Symphony' candle just in time for this Mother's Day. This beautiful fragrance consists of rose, sweet pear blossoms and jasmine..so if your Mum has a liking for these scents, get in stores today. (Forget the bouquet flowers and look to gift Mum with something more practical). 

The Flower Symphony candle consists of two distinguishing scents which are rose and blossom. It comes available in a 350g triple scented candle, the perfect size to last your Mum a couple of months or so. The elegant scent of dewy roses, pear blossoms and musk really brings you to a moment, where you're having a cup of tea and are surrounded by a garden of fresh roses. 

Top: Bergamot, Lemon and Pear 
Middle: Rose, Freesia and Jasmine 
Base: Dry Amber, Patchouli and Musk 

The Glasshouse Fragrances Mother's Day Collection is now available from April 1st, 2019 at www.glasshousefragrances.com 

Surprise Mum with a gift of an elegant scented candle for this Mother's Day. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


For an alternative way of removing your makeup, cleansing oils are your answer. 

Neutrogena recently launched their latest Deep Clean Cleansing Oils, which are ideal for removing stubborn makeup. I love the idea of using cleansing oils on my face because the idea of it all is that it looks to 'melt' off makeup, dirt and oil off your face. The Cleansing Oil contains a blend of oil which act like a magnet and then extracts any oils and impurities on the skin. Your skin is left looking cleansed and refreshed. Simply massage in the cleansing oil onto your face (with makeup) using circular motions. Then just rinse off to reveal a fresh and clean complexion. 

Recently, I tried and tested the Deep Clean Cleansing Oils by Neutrogena and I have to say that they're 100% effective in removing stubborn waterproof mascara and even liquid eyeliner. (It's definitely a life saver especially when you're travelling and constantly on the go). The cleansing oil does not leave you with a greasy residue which is amazing. Furthermore, it doesn't clog the pores which is great for those with oily to combination skin. 

For my next holiday trip, I will be definitely looking to pack a bottle of the Deep Cleansing Oil into my skincare essentials bag. 

Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Oil (Normal), RRP $18.99 Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Oil (Hydrating), RRP $18.99 

The NEW Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oils are now available at Woolworths and Priceline stores nationally. 

The latest cleansing oil by Neutrogena 


Have you tried out the latest cleansing oil by Neutrogena? 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


The Ameliorate skincare range is designed for those with the skin condition, Keratosis Pilaris. 

The benefits of using their products is that it helps to hydrate dry skin, prevent ingrown hairs and makes normal skin feel absolutely soft and smooth. If you're after healthier looking skin, then definitely look no further. 

Keratosis Pilaris is also known as having 'chicken skin' where it's totally harmless and causes small, hard bumps which can make your skin feel rough. With the right products you can bring your skin on track in hopes of helping it feel and look healthier once again. As we head into the cooler season, we will notice how harsh and dry it can leave our skin feeling. 

Here are some top picks from Ameliorate which can help to relieve dry skin: 

Softening Bath Milk Oil 

Skin is left feeling moisturised and well replenished thanks to the Softening Bath Milk Oil by Ameliorate. It contains soothing colloidal oats which is ideal for creating a milky and  comfortable formula which looks to hydrate and soften the skin. For a lightweight product that absorbs easily onto the skin, this is the perfect bath milk oil to opt for. 

Nourishing Body Wash 

The Nourishing Body Wash by Ameliorate looks to gently cleanse without drying or irritating the skin. It has actually been proven to moisturise the skin for up to 8 hours which is a must for the cooler and dry weather season. 

The body wash comes soap-free, pH balanced and contains the unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex which cleanses, softens and moisturises the skin. Furthermore, it feels creamy and lathers really nicely on the skin. 

Transforming Body Lotion 

For an everyday transforming body lotion which feels incredibly lightweight and is designed for Keratosis Pilaris that both exfoliates and moisturises the skin, the Transforming Body Lotion is my favourite. It helps to smooth away any bumps and protects the skin for up 24 hours. Skin feels well moisturised and hydrated. 


Have you tried out any products by Ameliorate? 

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Maintain healthier looking skin and control acne with the Azclear range... 

For those who are looking to reduce and control acne/blemishes on the skin, Azclear Action offers a range of products that looks to solve that problem. It's an affordable acne-prone skincare range that's made available at major pharmacies including Chemist Warehouse in-stores and online. Recently, I revamped my skincare products around to incorporate three new products from their range including their Foaming Wash, Day Moisturiser (with SPF 30+) and Soothing Gel (with Avemide 15 & Vitamin B3). All of these products are designed to help with maintaining your skin and most importantly they're effective and non-comedogenic. 

Their Foaming Wash is a super gentle product and is best used for those with pimples and acne. As it is foam based, it lathers really nicely on the skin and is formulated to reduce acne. The Day Moisturiser (which comes with SPF 30) is a great day to day product as it helps to reduce redness and improves your skin's hydration. 

What I love about this moisturiser is that it's very lightweight and is not too oily on the skin. (It's non-comedogenic too). And last but not least I tried out their Soothing Lotion which is perfect for maintaining the hydration levels on your skin. It reduces any discomfort and irritation on the skin and it doesn't contain any fragrances, colours, etc. It comes in the form of a pump sized bottle which makes it hygienic and easy to use. 

For more information regarding the Azclear Action range, head over here to learn more. 


Thursday, April 18, 2019


Now there's no excuse for your man to steal your skincare products... 
Essano (New Zealand's No.1 natural skincare brand) have finally introduced a line made especially for men, featuring 'Man'... a simple skincare range which helps to reduce irritation while improving the skin's overall appearance. This is perfect for all the men out there wanting to achieve glowing and fresh looking skin. 

Man by Essano was developed when Shane Young (Essano's co-founder) was suffering from irritated skin realised that the market needed to offer more gentle and natural products made suitable for sensitive skin. It is true that there are so many products that can prove to be harsh and strong on the skin. Man by Essano contains high quality natural ingredients which help to condition and calm the skin including Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Tasmania Pepperberry and Ginger extract. Hello good looking skin! 

Some products made available from their range includes their Everyday Moisturiser, SPF15 Moisturiser, Anti-Irritation Face Scrub and the Sensitive Face Wash. 

essano MAN is now available from Woolworths and Priceline worldwide. 


What are your thoughts on the newest launch by Essano, 'Man'?