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Friday, January 11, 2019


Don't you just love summer? 

Summer is probably my most favourite season of the year. It's an exciting season because you can choose to dress up your look in so many ways. I explored the latest skincare and beauty essentials by Shu Uemura (one of my favourite makeup brands that never ceases to disappoint me), featuring some of their latest additions. 

All of the below mentioned products can be found available on their official website, David Jones or Sephora stores. 

Check out my thoughts on the latest beauty and skincare essentials below: 

The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation, RRP $80 

For a luminous and natural glow, I've been really loving how the Lightbulb Fluid Foundation by Shu Uemura feels on my skin. It gives you a high coverage which means that it blends away any redness, blemishes and other skin discolourations well. This product really looks to leave you with a natural and even coverage which is great for everyday or even on special occasions. It's a very lightweight foundation that doesn't leave you with the caked or dry look which is so important when it comes to coverage. Furthermore, it leaves you with a subtle nice glow which really enhances that healthy look of the skin. 

Waterpaint:Ink Liquid eyeliner 

Featuring a calligraphy style pen with a precise tip which allows for a mistake-free application. If you're looking whip cat-shaped winged looks, then this is your best friend! I found this liquid eyeliner to be very pigmented (in shade pure black) and it really helps to line the eyes for a dramatic look. 

Pictured above I've used the Lightbulb Fluid Foundation and Waterpaint:Ink Eyeliner 
by Shu Uemura. 

Anti/Oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil (for dull complexions) 

So this cleansing oil works to remove any impurities and stubborn makeup without leaving any residue behind. What makes this cleansing oil unique is that it focuses on a 3 green-trio which includes green tea extract anti-oxidation, moringa extra (which helps to remove pollutants) and papaya extract which effective polishes away any protein stains. This is a refreshing and nice cleansing oil I've used so far and it smells amazing too. Not only does it look to restore dull skin but it leaves it feeling refined, supple and more radiant. 

I've used this cleansing oil with my waterproof mascara which works so well considering that it's quite stubborn to remove without a makeup remover. However, this cleansing oil does a great job in looking to leave your skin feeling well cleansed. There's no need for any rubbing here because all you need is this cleansing oil in your life! 

Stage Performer, All in 1 Minute Instant Makeup Prep Mask 

This mask is perfect for those who are constantly rushing out the door.. It looks to leave your skin feeling so soft and fresh - ready for your makeup application. Alternatively, you can pop on this mask after you've cleansed your face. It's super relaxing and very simple to use as part of your skincare or makeup routine. 

Petal 55 [pink] Foundation Brush 

This is probably the best foundation brush I've used to date. Most importantly, it fits comfortably in my hands allowing me to apply foundation without any hassles and also with an easy grip to it. So if you're in the market for a new foundation brush, you may be interested in the Professional Foundation Brush by Shu Uemura, where it helps you to achieve a smooth and poreless finish. 

I can easily achieve an even and smooth coverage with just using this brush because I don't require as much foundation as I'd usually need. It's a very soft brush which is presented in a unique hexagon shape. The bristles are ultra-soft and dense which means you don't need to use up as much foundation as you usually would. Plus, it comes in my favourite shade, pink! The whole design of the foundation brush is so you can look to achieve a smooth stroke from different angles while applying the foundation easily onto your skin. 


What are your favourite picks from the Shu Uemura range? 

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