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Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Recently I tried out a bunch of baby care essentials by BabyU featuring baby wipes, shampoo, body washes and much more. There are so many brands in the baby market and it's my job as a mum to find out what works and what doesn't. BabyU offers a baby product range offering essentials such as nappy bags, change mats and quality baby wipes at affordable prices. They are an Australian-owed company that launched back in 2005 

Here's my take on their products: 

BabyU Baby Wipes 

There are three types of the baby wipes that I tried out on the bubs including: Soft and Thick Wipes, Goat Milk enriched wipes and Bamboo Baby Wipes. All of these wipes come paraben and alcohol free so you can be rest assured that there are no nasties contained in these packs. 

Bamboo Baby Wipes (Gentle on Skin) - These are made with natural ingredients and have a light fresh scent to them. They have been enriched with essential oils which is what gives it a nice and pleasant to the wipes. Personally, I love a hint of fragrance to the wipes as they make changing a baby's bottom so much more pleasant. Plus these are 100% biodegradable which is better for the environment. 

Goat Milk Baby Wipes - These fragrance free wipes are made with goats milk which leaves your baby's skin with a nice and moisturised feel. They cleanse the skin as well as nourish and moisturise at the same time. These are absolutely are favourite of ours because they didn't leave my bub's bum looking red or so. I feel that these are softer on the skin as compared to the other wipes I have tried so far. 

Baby Wipes (Soft and Thick) - These wipes come hypoallergenic, alcohol free and have been enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Apart from the other two wipes, they come in thicker and softer feeling wipes. So if you're after a thicker wipe then these are your best bet. 

BabyU Goat Milk Hair and Body Care 

Goat Milk Shampoo, BabyU - This shampoo is suitable for all skin types as well as sensitive skin too. This creamy blend of shampoo leaves my baby's hair feeling soft and healthy. It's doesn't dry out the skin which is perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin. You'll be pleased to know that these do not contain any nasties such as parabens or artificial colours. 

Goat Milk Body Wash, BabyU - This body wash cleanses the skin really well and doesn't leave bub feeling itchy or so. It does a great job in looking to moisturise and soothe any irritated skin. I quite enjoyed using this body wash for the bub as it's gentle and soft on his skin. As for its overall scent, it has a sweet and fresh smell to it which makes bath time fun for all. 

Goat Milk Moisturising Baby Lotion, BabyU - If your baby suffers from eczema or irritated skin, look to get this product ASAP! I've tried so many products out there and so far the Goat Milk Moisturising Baby Lotion has definitely improved my bub's skin. It contains Goat's Milk and Vitamin E which are the much needed essentials that help to leave your baby's skin feeling softer. It's super gentle and I would use this as often as I can. 


Have you tried out any of these products before by BabyU? 

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