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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Repair & hydrate the skin with these new essentials by organic skincare brand, Madara for the cooler change. 

Lately I've been looking to revamp and rotate my skincare products to suit my skin's current condition. I tried and tested out a few new essentials by Madara to see what it could do for my dull, dry and dehydrated skin. 

The organic range as discussed in this post by Madara is available via Bio Beauty

Check out my thoughts below x

Madara, Clarifying Toner 

I love to use toners in general as it always leaves my skin feeling cleansed and exfoliated. I tried out the Clarifying Toner by Madara and one thing I noticed is that it left my skin looking less shiny and oily. This is perfect for those with clogged pores and oily skin, as this toner will help to regulate your skin's natural pH balance. 

I'd use the Clarifying Toner both morning and night with a cotton pad and apply it directly to my skin after cleansing. With continued use of the Clarifying Toner, you can expect your pores to look minimised and have less blemishes on the skin. 

Also, the toner is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle which helps to reduce the volume of new plastic bottles made each year. 

Madara, Hydra Recharge Cream 

For an intense moisture locking product, I tried out the Hydra Recharge Cream by Madara. This cream is made for all skin types lacking moisture and hydration. I feel that this cream does a great job in looking to rescue your skin especially if your skin is looking dull and dehydrated. It has a nice consistency and absorbs easily onto the skin without leaving your skin feeling greasy. 

Madara, Repair Intensive Serum 

When it comes to the Repair Intensive Serum by Madara, I like to use this product at night right before I sleep. Simply pump and apply the product to your face and neck by using a gentle patting motion. This allows the product to seep into the skin better so that you get optimal results. 

My skin felt incredibly softer and smoother the very next morning so this serum definitely worked well for my skin. If you're after full skin rejuvenation effects, then the Repair Intensive Serum is an option to consider. 


Have you checked out this brand before? 

Sunday, March 17, 2019


No artificial fragrances. No synthetic colours. No alcohol. No nasties. 

The latest Hydr8 B5 Intense by Medik8 is their newest addition to their range. Essentially it works as a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum which looks to moisturise, hydrate and keep the skin feeling supple. This serum contains hyaluronic acid which means it provides all day moisture and hydration for the skin. 

As for application, I'd only use about 2-3 drops a day and massage this onto my face and d├ęcolletage. Instantly you can feel the effects of the serum absorbing into the skin giving you this rejuvenated feeling to it. 

Ideally if you're after a skin ageing serum that can look to rejuvenate and replenish the skin - as well as provide all day hydration and moisture, then your best bet is the Hydr8 B5 Intense. 

I've used this for a few weeks now and already I have observed my skin feeling more hydrated and less dry. It's so perfect for the cooler seasons as our skin may become dull and dehydrated, which is why this product will definitely come in handy for Autumn and winter coming. For glowing and healthier looking skin, look for skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid, as it's the key in looking to prevent ageing of the skin. 


Have you tried this out as yet? 

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Are you after that all natural healthy glow? 

These perfect essentials by Milk & Co. and LUMA will help you to achieve that and there's no need to cake the face. I've been loving Milk's Ultra Light Face Moisturiser which contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil - three skin loving essentials. It's very lightweight and absorbs very quickly onto the skin (it doesn't leave any sticky or wet residue which is amazing). It leaves the skin with a light layer of moisture which is great for those with dry or itchy patches on the skin. This moisturiser is so refreshing and I've been reaching for it literally everyday. Also, it's made with 95% derived natural products! 

Ultra Light Face Moisturiser, Milk & Co. 

Available here. 

Source Image: LUMA 

Highlighter Sticks - On The Glow Highlighter, LUMA

To achieve a natural glow for the face, you will first need to work out which highlighter shades suits your skin tone the best. I've been trying out On The Glow Highlighters by LUMA and they're so creamy and it leaves your skin with a flattering glow. You can look to contour and build on your shimmery highlights with this easy to use twist-up stick. There's five shades to select from ranging from neutral bronze to a warmer blush tone.

Also, you'll be pleased to know that there are no parabens, sulphates and have not been tested on animals. 

Check out the swatches below to see the shades I tested out. 



Above features On the Glow Highlighter in shades (Top to Bottom): 
Cashmere Casbah, Blush Nomad and Bronze Voyage. 


What's your favourite highlighter shade? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019



Originally launched in 2018, Grandma's Punch in Pomegranate & Strawberries by Glasshouse Fragrances is back again after much popular demand. Turn up the party with this fruity punchy candle which contains an updated recipe of pineapple, pomegranate, strawberries, apple blossom and a pop of vanilla. The overall scent reminds me of a fruity cocktail packed with so much punch to it. It's definitely right up my alley and what better way to enjoy this candle at home with a few cocktails in hand (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). The metallic blue packaging of the jar stands out so beautifully and it would definitely make such a great decorative item for your home living space. 

Grandma's Punch is all about the fresh notes of strawberries, vanilla and of course pomegranate. For those after a fruity and sweet fragrant candle, you'll absolutely fall in love with this fine selection.  

TOP: Fruity pomegranate 
MIDDLE: Fraise Des Bois, Apple Blossom 
BOTTOM: Musk, Oriental Vanilla, Coconut 

All of the Glasshouse fragrances are handmade in Australia and is now currently available here, (RRP $46.95) for 350g.  


Are you a Grandma's Punch fan from the Glasshouse Fragrances range? 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Introducing Love Beauty and Planet
A new beauty brand that believes in small acts of love to make you and our planet a little more beautiful. 
Love Beauty and Planet is the new sustainable and vegan brand that helps you to make a difference in your everyday beauty routine. It's all about being happy and making your planet a better place. 

There are five blends of nourishing shampoo and conditioner products from the range, four fragrant body washes and three indulgent body lotions. The conditioners are made to be 'fast rinse' which means that they don't just replenish and rehydrate the hair - but they're made to help you save water too. 

All of the formulations of the product is 100% vegan and their bottles are made 100% recyclable. Talk about being environmentally friendly. 

For more information, you can check out more via their official page here

The Love Beauty & Planet products is available from Woolworths, Coles and Chemistware House Stores nationwide from March 17th 2019. Prices RRP between $8.99 - $14.99. 

My thoughts...

Now I did have a favourite product from their newest range which I have been really enjoying, featuring their Body Lotion with Moroccan Argan oil and Lavender aroma.

This custom blend works to refresh and moisturise your skin, leaving you feeling super relaxed and calm. Pop some onto your legs, hands and body to feel the relaxing aroma of lavender. 

This body lotion leaves my skin subtly fragranced with its lavender aroma and feeling well hydrated. It's absolutely ideal for those with dry skin because moisturisation is the key to achieving healthier and glowing skin. 

Acre Eatery - at the Love Beauty & Planet product launch event. 

The Panel discussion. 

Up close and personal with the beautiful range. 

Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Body Lotion. 


Are you excited to try these out? 

Monday, March 4, 2019


Recently I tried out the Mattress Protector, Tencel Fitted Cot by Protect A Bed which is best for those with sensitive skin. It features a hypoallergenic super smooth, non-irritating sleep surface.The material is very soft and comfortable for babies and it's the perfect mattress protector I've tried to date. Mattress protectors are ideal to protect the cot from spills, stains and most importantly dust mites. 

Furthermore, I find that when I don't use the mattress protector, my little one always shows signs of some redness or itchiness which may be caused by dust mites. The material used with the mattress protector feels softer than silk and is more absorbsent than cotton itself. It fits on a standard cot mattress easily and without any hassles. Just like a fitted sheet, it's made easy to wash and dry with your washing machine.

Overall, the quality of the fitted mattress protector feels incredibly durable. I love how it's waterproof, breathable and super soft for bubs to sleep on. I can already tell that his skin has significantly improved and I will definitely be shopping for more mattress protectors from this brand. 

"Did you know approximately 30% of us are allergic to dust mites - one of the most common triggers of asthma and allergies as well as a known trigger for irritant and eczema." 

And onto the next Fitted Sheet Protector, I tried out the Cumulus Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector in the size Queen and the TENCEL Signature Series Pillow Protector by Protect-A-Bed. It's a soft, comfortable, waterproof and breathable mattress and pillow protector which looks to protect your mattress and pillows from spills, stains and dust mites. 

The material is incredibly soft and ever since I've had the protectors on my bed, I felt that I've had a good night's sleep as there's less itchiness. The mattress and pillow protectors pop, where the mattress protectors fit on easily just like a fitted sheet. With winter coming, you can be rest assured that there will be no more sleepless nights. (Even my little one agrees)

Featuring the Cumulus Fitted Mattress Protector and Pillow Protectors by Protect-A-Bed 

Close up 


Have you tried any of the range by Protect A Bed? 

For more information, head over to https://protectabed.com.au/ 

Sunday, March 3, 2019


New Year. New Dress,
Glam it up girl. 

When it comes to special occasions...who doesn't love to get their glam and style on? My style is more along the lines of chic, glam and feminine. What's your style like? 

These outfit pieces I'd wear to special events such as weddings or even date nights. If you're looking for some dress outfit ideas, PrettyLittleThing offers a vast range of pieces to suit your style and preferences. 

One of my favourite fashion e-stores where I just love to browse and shop for the latest pieces has to be PrettyLittleThing. I do know that they're a UK based online shopping website, but it literally took about 1 week on Express Shipping to Australia for the PLT goods to arrive which is perfect if you've got about a few weeks till the big event. 

Here's a closer peek on how to style special occasion outfits: 


Look #1

Wearing the Nude Sequin Embellished High Neck Bodycon Dress by PrettyLittleThing. This is the perfect nude dress that sits right above the knees, if you're looking for a chic and sophisticated look. I simply love the detailing of this dress, from the high neckline to the sheer sleeves. The back of the dress comes with sequin-free which is great as it won't become too fiddly for when you're seated, etc.

Look to pair this outfit with sparkly strappy heels to finish the look. 


Look #2

Wearing the Cia Gold Premium Lace Panel Tassel Bodycon Dress by PrettyLittleThing. This dress definitely looks like a red carpet inspired outfit. Let's take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the sequins and tassles look together. The detailing on this dress is so beautiful and very unique, it could possibly pass for being best dressed in the room. 

Style this with your favourite pair of heels and glitzy gold looking clutch. 


Look #3 

Wearing the Red Spotty Mesh Bardot Frill Detail Bodycon dress by PrettyLittleThing. Looking for a sexy and bold look? This dress is perfect for a romantic occasion and definitely is eye-catching all thanks to the vibrant red. This bodycon little red dress is perfect for events, weddings or dinner catch-up with the girlfriends. 

Pair this outfit with black strappy heels to get your glam on. 


Which was your favourite look? 


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Saturday, March 2, 2019


Celebrate International Women's Day 2019 with the BY TERRY fragrance collection. 

Friday 8th March, 2019 is the day where we look to celebrate International Women's Day. It's all about showing our love and appreciation for that supportive woman in your life. 

Gift that special lady in your life with the Goutte De Mercure EDP BY TERRY, which is one of the BY TERRY fragrances now made exclusively available online via www.mecca.com.au and in selected MECCA stores. 

The BY TERRY collection are known for their high-performing cosmetics (such as their Baume de Rose Lip Balm) and so their vast luxury fragrance collection is definitely worth checking out.

The Goutte De Mercure EDP BY TERRY features a powdery, violety, woody, spicy and floral type of scent. It smells so heavenly and perfectly balanced making it pleasant to wear for everyday. The fragrance comes in a sturdy gift box which contains 1 x 100ml bottle and a travel sized 8.5ml bottle. 

Image source: MECCA


Have you experienced any fragrances BY TERRY as yet? 


Get ready to repair and protect your hair from further damage... 
TIGI Copyright is the latest haircare brand to hit the Australian market. Have you tried out any products from the range yet? I'm loving their exterior packaging which features a metallic dusty pink look to the Custom Care range. If you're after good quality professional hair salon products, you definitely can't go wrong with these. 

Some new haircare products I've tried out from the Repair Booster range includes: 
  • Custom Care, Repair Shampoo - Made for preventing further hair breakage which can be caused with consistent use of heated hair styling tools. After using the shampoo my hair felt much smoother, stronger and manageable. 
  • Custom Care, Repair Conditioner - My hair feels so much healthier and smoother after using the conditioner when paired with their shampoo range. 
  • Custom Care, Repair Booster - Now if your hair is showing signs of extreme breakage, then definitely opt for this Repair Booster. It helps to prevent further hair damage and you'd be pleased to know that each application contains at least 7 days worth of keratin. Your hair will be left feeling stronger than ever (say goodbye to hair breakages). 
  • Custom Create, Heat Protection Spray - Every time you expose your hair to heated styling tools, you're already allowing your hair to become damaged. A lifesaver would be to use a heat protection spray to ensure that your hair stays protected. This heat protection spray from the Custom Create range is known for protecting your hair against further UV damage. It's perfect for conditioning and softening the hair. 

The TIGI Copyright range is available at selected salons and more information can be found here


Have you tried out any products by TIGI Copyright before?