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Thursday, September 26, 2019


IRYNA is clean, cruelty-free and the perfect combo in giving that glow to your skin... 

Did you know IRYNA means peace? The new skincare brand is all about bringing a sense of calmness and simplicity to your skincare routine. It's a range where it includes 96% of natural ingredients, made and developed in Australia, vegan-friendly and most importantly cruelty-free. 

It takes only three simple products to achieve a glowing complexion and I recently got the opportunity to take them on a test-run.

IRYNA is available online here. You can purchase the NEW IRYNA Beauty Bundle for $124 which RRP $144 and it includes, Coconut & Matcha Cleansing Mousse, (150ml), Rose Antioxidant Elixir, (30ml) and the Apricot Sorbet Moisture Creme. Bonus a Rose Quartz Gua Sha (colours vary) and a Skincare Bag. 

STEP 1: Coconut & Matcha Cleansing Mousse 

I love mousse based cleansers as they're so easy to dispense especially if you're in the shower. This particular cleansing mousse lathers up really nicely and doesn't leave you with dry skin, plus it smells refreshing and amazing. 

STEP 2: Rose Antioxidant Elixir 

This is a lightweight serum which is packed with Organic Rose Water, Marula Oil and Rosehip Oil which all help to boost skin firmness. Wake up the next morning with a fresh and glowing skin complexion. I am all about the rose-scented products so it definitely is a favourite on my shelfie. 

STEP 3: Apricot Sorbet Moisture Creme 

I found the texture of this creme to be really light and fluffy. It's full of healthy omegas and it looks to hydrate and boost elasticity for the skin. This product feels nice on skin and it's great for rejuvenating stress, dull and tired looking skin. 


Have you checked out any of these before? 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


In collaboration with Modella (an online fashion boutique stocking a range of stylish seasonal pieces)

If you're looking for the perfect vacay outfit, you've come to the right post. This season it's all about comfortable and stylish clothing, which is why I'm so excited to share with you all of my Summer Look Book Outfit Ideas for your next vacation. 

Outfit #1: Sweet & Sophisticated 

Keeping it simple and sweet with a pair of lovely pleated white shorts and a denim inspired crop top. It's a great option for summer as it's stylish to wear during the day. Pair it with your favourite flats or sandals. 

Outfits I'm wearing: 

Tanee Clothing Pleat White Shorts, available here
Tanee Clothing Denim Edge Crop Top, available here

Outfit #2: Neutrals & Jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits are so trendy to rock and with this gorgeous outfit, I was loving its overall quality and style. The pinstripe jumpsuit has a tie at the waist and shoulders - giving you a sweet, cinched look. The wide leg design was definitely trending whilst I was in Japan. It definitely leaves you with a sophisticated and elegant look. 

Outfit I'm wearing: 

Indikah by Angel Biba Boho Pinstripe Jumpsuit, available here

Outfit #3: Keepin' It Cute & Casual 

For a two piece outfit I've paired my outfit of the day with some cute denim shorts and a checked top. The combo is so comfy and it's the perfect summery two piece for vacay season. 

Outfits I'm wearing: 

Tanee Denim Pleated Shorts, available here
Tanee Clothing Check It Out Gingham Shirred Top, available here

Outfit #4: Off The Shoulder Vibes 

The perfect off the shoulder vacation dress which is perfect for hot and humid days. You can easily wear this dress either during the day or night. Pair it with your favourite sandals or dress it up with some heels. I sized down for this dress (size 6) as the mid-waist is quite stretchy and fits snuggly to the body. It's a gorgeous dress if you're looking to rock bohemian and off the shoulder vibes. 

Outfit I'm wearing: 

Lost Muse Clothing Red Off Shoulder Boho Floral Print Maxi Dress, available here


What do you love packing for vacation outfits? 

Monday, September 23, 2019


Look to restore your skin's radiance and clarity with these adorable skincare mini's by Antipodes 

Ever wanted to pack your favourite skincare essentials into your carry-on's but found that it was too heavy and bulky? Antipodes have now released their skin-brightening products in the form of mini's in 10ml or 15ml sizes (the perfect sized skincare essentials everrrrr). Simply slip them into your bag or carry-on's and away you go with a fresher and healthier skin complexion. 

Here are some new skincare essentials you should consider for your next trip in your carry-on bag: 
  • REJOICE Light Facial Day Cream, Antipodes - Gentle and non-oily which enhances your skin's natural hydration. You definitely need this on the plane because we all know that the air in the plane is incredibly drying for the skin. 

  • AVOCADO PEAR, Nourishing Night Cream, Antipodes - If you're flying at night then you definitely can't forget a night cream. This one in particular is suited to all skin types so it's your perfect night cream for added moisturisation. 

  • DIVINE FACE OIL, Avocado Oil and Rosehip, Antipodes - For dull, tired and stressed looking skin...simply apply on this face oil and you'll see the difference. This is great for if you're flying overnight as you will wake up with plump and rejuvenated looking skin. 

  • HOSANNA, H20 Intensive Skin Plumping Serum, Antipodes - If you want more plump and soft looking skin with the added hydration, this beauty serum is your best bet. 

  • BLESSING, Anti-pollution Light Face Serum, Antipodes - And for a day to day serum which is super lightweight and protects the skin from pollution and other environmental aggressors, my go to has to be their Anti-pollution Light Face Serum

Available via Antipodes online store here or at Priceline stores nationally or online. 


Have you tried any of the above? 

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Circa Home launches their latest Kitchen Alchemy collection featuring White Tea & Wild Mint 

Circa Home have teamed up with OzHarvest to launch another beautiful fragrance and initiative which is now available at circahome.com.au and nationally. The latest Kitchen Alchemy range have been formulated with White Tea, Wild Mint and Bergamot which leaves your kitchen smelling refreshed and cleansed after cooking up a storm. 

What a brilliant way to spruce up the place and make it smelling amazing once again. If there's ever a way to get rid of that cooking smell, definitely burning a candle is the way to go. When it comes to fragrance and house products, they make exceptionally ideal gifts especially with Christmas creeping around the corner. (*Hint Hint, Santa Claus) 

Products available from the range include: 
Classic Candle, RRP $34.95 
Fragrance Diffuser, RRP $44.95 
Hand Wash / Hand Lotion, RRP $24.95 
Hand Care Set, RRP $49.95 

Fragrance Notes: 
Top: Wild Mint, Anise, Bergamot 
Middle: White Tea, Fig, Lily of the Valley 
Base: White Woods, Musk 

I absolutely love the amazing initiative and commitment between Circa Home and OzHarvest: 
$1 from every Kitchen Alchemy product sold goes to OzHarvest to help provide nourishing meals to Australians in need. 

Have you smelt the latest Kitchen Alchemy candle? It's so divine. 


An evening of fun, food and fragrance 


*Cue the food photos (warning: delicious food brought to you by the wonderful team at Circa Home, OzHarvest and lovely ladies). 


Are you hungry, yet? 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Your favourite brow product by Bobbi Brown is now back.  
For perfectly defined brows that stay on for all day long, it's hard not to miss the Perfectly Defined Long-wear Brow Pencil by Bobbi Brown (which now comes with a refillable cartridge guys). It's a wax-based long wearing brow pencil which has a slanted tip so that you can easily look to soft to defined looking brows. On the other end of the pencil there's a spoolie attached which is perfect for combing and taming any stray hairs. Additionally it uses a waterproof formula (being sweat and humidity resistant) which allows for up to 16 hours of wear which is great for a longer wear. 

I've been using this brow pencil for a few days now and already I am in love with its long-wearing and waterproof formula. It's amazing how it doesn't smudge or fade which means your brows can stay on the whole day. As for the slanted tip I find it so easy to create either a soft or defined look for neat and natural looking brows. I would 100% recommend this brow product as it's incredibly long-wearing and so easy to use on a daily basis. 
When the full-size product runs out, simply remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. The refills will be available in all existing shades, and sold separately. 
Full size: $65 
Re-fillable Cartridge: $42 

Available at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counters, www.bobbibrown.com.au, AdoreBeauty & Mecca. 

Bobbi Brown daily essentials 

Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, Bobbi Brown 


Have you tried this brow pencil out yet? 

Monday, September 9, 2019


It's that time of the month again, where I dive into another surprise full of baby and skincare goodies box...

You can easily look to subscribe to Bellababy where each month you're sent a surprise of goodies ranging from skincare, baby essentials to even makeup. This month I have teamed up with Bellababy to share my honest opinions of what I thought about the box. 

Each box caters for all Mamas (new and existing) and there's a variety of brands included. It's literally the perfect excuse to try out more brands and learn what works for you. 

This month I receive the following items in the Bellababy box: 
  • Munchkin Details Bottle & Cup Cleaning Brush Set (full size) - Hello to a full sized product! This is exactly what I needed especially with all of the bottle cleaning I've been doing on a daily basis. I love how there's a selection of brushes, each with its own role of cleaning tricky corners in sippy cups to slim straws and more. This literally solves my cleaning issue with bottles, teats, etc. 
  • Baby Bellies Organic Carrot & Apple Nibblers (full size) - It's the perfect snack for my toddler to try and what better way to eat their way through a healthy alternative. These bite size snacks are perfect for the little nibblers as they can work on their motor skills. 
  • Nuk First Choice+ 150ml PP Bottle (full size) - This orthodontic shaped bottle replicates a breast so that it allows for a fuss-free feeding session on Bubs. I'm actually excited to try this on my little one and to see whether he will like it. I've heard many great things about Nuk and it's such a bonus for Bellababy to include this product in this month's box. 
  • Blaq Express Charcoal Wipes (sample size, 5 wipes) - Charcoal helps to detoxify and purify the skin and it's even better when it's in the form of facial wipes. These pre-soaked detoxifying charcoal-infused formula wipes feel very absorbent and does a good job in helping to remove makeup from the face. 
  • Allganic Baby Hair and Body Wash (full size) - For a dermatologist tested and non-irritant product for your baby's hair and skin, this is your go-to product. I've already tried this out on my toddler and he literally smells so good right after a bath. I felt that it is incredibly gentle on his skin and he didn't experience any redness or rashes which is a relief. I will most definitely be repurchasing this product. 
  • Palmer's Coconut Sheet Mask (full size) - I'm all about refreshing sheet masks and Palmer's is one particular brand that I haven't tried any from as yet. Thanks to Bellababy I was able to give this sheet mask a go, and I must say that it delivers a whole heap of hydration to the skin. This sheet mask is a must if you're after nourishing and hydrating looking skin. 
  • Seraphine Botanicals Lip/Cheek Crayon (full size) - Another full size makeup related product that I am excited about featuring a lip and cheek crayon by Seraphine Botanicals. It's the perfect product which leaves you with a natural look and the best thing of course - is that you can literally use it on both your cheeks and lips. Talk about multi-tasking product! 
  • Little Innoscents Natural Sun Lotion SPF30+ (sample size, 30ml) - I'm actually familiar with this brand so I was so thrilled to find a Sun Lotion sample in the box. It's basically a mineral based sun lotion which is a great, safe and natural option to sun protection. Your skin will be protected - the only difference is that this sun lotion doesn't contain any chemicals or preservatives. 

The Bellababy monthly subscription box allows you to try out new brands and products that are baby and mother related. For instance in this month's Bellababy box, there are products I've yet to try. This is perfect for sampling new brands and products before purchasing the full sized products at the supermarket. 

To get started with the Bellababy box subscription, simply head over here to join in all the fun which is perfect for new mums. 


Have you tried the bellababy box before? 



Protect the hair for with these much needed essentials by Daily Naturals. 

Your hair deserves the best care. It's so important to invest in products that work for us. Daily Naturals, an Australian made and owned brand is a new haircare range that has worked for my hair, leaving it feeling healthier, shinier and with less breakages.

Recently I tried out a bunch of haircare products from the range that are designed to protect and extend the life of coloured hair (something ideal for those with coloured hair of course). 
After using these products I felt that they were incredibly gentle to use on my hair for everyday and they had a light, natural fragrance to them. They don't contain any harsh nasties such as sulphates or parabens which is absolutely a must for me when it comes to everyday hair care products. 

Some of the latest haircare products I tried out from the Daily Naturals range include: 
  • Colour Protect - Shampoo - Conditioner - It's a 100% vegan friendly product made with no sulphates and parabens. The products contain argan oil which leaves your hair feeling so much smoother and manageable (perfect for those who constantly get tangled hair). The hair care product does look to protect your hair colour from fading so that you're left with long-lasting colour. Overall, I did see that my colour didn't fade as much as it would if I were using a shampoo/conditioner which didn't have the colour protection feature to it. It's a nicely scented haircare range where it's super gentle on the scalp and I would definitely look to repurchase again. 
  • Treatment - Ends Sealer - Contains certified moroccan oil which is the perfect ingredient for if your hair is feeling dry and unruly. It helps to protect your hair from heat damage and colour fades. Also, in the longer run you can look to expect less hair breakages which is definitely a plus for me. If you constantly get split ends just like myself, the Ends Sealer is your baby! 
  • Treatment - Argan Oil - This product restores shine and moisture for all hair types out there. When your hair is looking dull and in need of some TLC, then you definitely need this in your life. I usually like to use about just 1-2 pumps on my ends as opposed to my scalp so that my hair doesn't get too overly oily. 

Have you tried any of the hair care products as mentioned above? 

Friday, September 6, 2019


Created by twin sisters Samantha Hair and Jessica Whalley (both cosmetic nurses and with extensive backgrounds in medicine) 

Skin Health Science have finally launched nationwide with three simple products that are full of potent active ingredients. Each of the products contain active ingredients at the correct strengths such as red algae which help to support and regulate healthy skin. 

Recently I tried and tested their simple products which includes of the following below: 
  • Carbo Cleanser, RRP $72/120ml, (Activated charcoal cleanser), we all known charcoal is a magical ingredient in helping to cleanse out the pores from grime, oil and dirt. Skin is left feeling so purified which is the end result for me when it comes to cleansing my skin. The formula includes fruit extracts from Bilberry, Sugar Maple, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Cranberry which all help to decongest the reduce inflammation of the skin. This was a refreshing and effective cleanser that I've tried out so far and the fact that it incorporate activated charcoal, really makes it the perfect cleanser for my skin. 
  • REM Repair Serum, RRP $159/30ml, I'm all about facial serums because I find that it absorbs better allowing the skin to replenish and rejuvenate. The REM Repair Serum contains a potent concentration of high-grade actives which are important for healthy cell metabolism. It includes active ingredients such as Retinaldehyde, Tetrapeptide 30 and Vitamin B3 which help to restore the skin's barrier. 
  • RP Moisturiser, RRP $115/50ml, last but not least after applying on the serum I would follow it up with a moisturiser. The RP Moisturiser is incredibly lightweight and is made to restore the skin back to its healthy glow once again. It's very hydrating as it contains Jojoba Oil and Aloe which also soothes and relieves any skin irritations. 

Are you curious to learn more about Skin Health Science? 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Are you looking to spruce up your skincare routine?

Kiehl's is a brand I've been using for so many years now and one that I could trust when it comes to quality skincare products. Recently it was time to spruce up my skincare range and look to identify my skin issues such as dark pigmentation spots, breakouts, dryness and uneven skin texture. Thankfully, there are products which specifically target each area from the Kiehl's range and I've been incorporating them into my daily skincare routine. 

These products are considered as a holy grail to me as so far they've proved to be very effective on my skin and the results are on-point. Hands down I'd repurchase them again because I consider them as an investment for achieving better and healthier skin down the track. 

Here are my TOP 3 from Kiehl's... 

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Kiehl's, RRP $78 

I've been looking for a fast-acting serum for my dark pigmentation spots for so long and finally I've found a product that works for my skin. It even looks to even out my skin tone which is a bonus! The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is super effective and absorbs easily onto the skin. It works to prevent future dark spots from appearing as well as other skin discolouration. What I love about this product is that it doesn't contain any nasties which includes silicones, parabens and fragrances. The Dark Sport Solution has evened out my skin tone and I can visibly see how much smoother and brighter my skin feels after application. 

As for its consistency, it has a really nice texture (similar to honey) and it applies easily and evenly over the skin. You don't require as much product as you think, only a little will certainly go a long way. Simply cleanse the skin and apply the product over the entire face both day and night after you've applied your favourite moisturiser. I do recommend using a high UV sunscreen during the day for the added skin protection from harsh UV rays. 

Furthermore, with continued use on a daily basis I have noticed my acne scars to slowly fade which is incredible. It has taken me so many years of trying multiple products to try and achieve a brighter and even skin complexion - but thankfully I've finally discovered Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution...it definitely worked for me. 

Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence, Kiehl's, RRP $52 

Many people tend to skip using treatment essence products because they simply don't know much about its effectiveness. I first discovered using essence products when I was in holidaying in Asia and noticed that many beauty shops were stocking multiple brands of essences. I recall asking one of the assistants at the store about why we should use essences and she said that it's an integral step in Korean and Japanese skincare which helps to transform our skin, where it leaves it feeling soft, plump and hydrated. 

Kiehl's offers an exciting product called the Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence. It helps to restore your skin's youthful look as well as smoother and healthier looking skin. Similar to a serum, an essence is more lightweight on the skin.

Furthermore, it features a velvety liquid concentrate which works to promote anti-ageing and hydration for the skin. The essence seeps into the skin with its Iris Florentina Root Extract (highly known for its deeply nourishing and anti-ageing benefits), which in effect visibly improves any fine lines, dullness and uneven skin texture. 

I would use the Treatment Essence both morning and night onto cleansed skin as part of my skincare regime. Simply pour a few drops into the palm of your hand, then gently press this all over your face and d√©colletage. After regular use you will start to notice how glowing and healthier your skin will appear. The Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence has proven to me to be a supercharged product for the skin and a must-have in our daily skincare routines. 

Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum, Kiehl's, RRP $67

I cannot highly stress the importance of using an eye product within our daily skincare regime. The areas under our eyes ages quicker than our skin, which is why I've been using eye products religiously on a daily basis. One product that has definitely made the list has to the Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum. It's a super smart 5-in-1 solution for the eye which makes you think that it's probably a must-have in your beauty cabinet. The five key benefits includes lifting, firming, smoothing, hydrating and restoring the youthfulness back to the skin. 

After using the product for a couple of days, I could already tell that the skin area around the eyes looks firmer, lifted and brighter looking. My eyes definitely looked more youthful and less tired which is amazing considering that I've had many sleepless nights since giving birth last year. I have to admit that it's the most effective eye serum I've used by date and I love how it's fast-acting for an eye product. 


Have you tried any products by Kiehl's before? 

Monday, September 2, 2019


Keep it glam and easy. 

Femme Luxe
 offers affordable and stylish fashion including trendy outfits ranging from casual to glam. If you're looking for pieces that you can easily re-wear for the weekends or simply look to layer over each other, then you definitely cannot go wrong with shopping at Femme Luxe. Their pieces are affordable, comfortable and of reasonable good quality. 

To mix this look book up, I've aimed to style these comfortable and easy to wear outfits which look so glam and chic. You can easily wear these to a special occasion, party, birthday event or even date night. To jazz it up simply layer on with your favourite accessories such as bags, shoes and jewellery. 

Feeling confident and comfortable in whatever outfit piece you choose is key to dressing your best! 

Let's see which glam outfits I've styled: 

Takin' it back Old School

Stand out from the crowd and shine bright like a diamond. This outfit is perfect for any special occasion such as birthdays, club and so much more. Hit it up in style with this cute Purple Glitter Sparkly Shift Mini Dress. As pictured I am wearing size 8 where it fits perfectly and it doesn't feel too tight. I love the square neckline which gives me old school vibes along with the spaghetti thin straps which look simple and chic. It's definitely a dress which you'd want to be dancing in it all night long. 

You can shop the Sparkly Shift Mini Dress here

Saturday Night Dinner Vibes 

Keep it sophisticated and casual with this lovely outfit combo. I've paired my Black Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt with the Khaki High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers, for a night out at my favourite restaurant. The shirt blouse features a stunning polka-dot pattern with a fishnet material to it, giving a luxurious look to it. The slim leg trouser feels absolutely comfortable and simply team it up with your favourite belt to really give it a finished look. 

You can shop the Black Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt here and Khaki High Waisted Slim Leg Trouser here

Cute and Sassy 

I love everything about the Black Ruffle Mesh Mini Dress, from the ruffle mesh material to the cute mini sleeve. It definitely has a cute and sassy look to it and you can easily look to dress this up or down. 

You can shop the Black Ruffle Mesh Mini Dress here


Which outfits do you like rocking for Spring?