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Monday, October 21, 2019


This Spring it's all about that healthy glow complexion 

So recently I tried out a whole new range by Tarte Cosmetics which you can find available at Sephora stores and online. I am a fan of their cosmetics side of things and so I was curious to see how their skincare range would perform on my skin. 

Here are the skincare newbies I tried out: 

Mermaid Skin, Hyaluronic H20 Serum 

This serum is vegan based and has a water light hydration texture which leaves your skin feeling extra hydrated and moisturised. I love how it doesn't leave your skin with a greasy feeling, but instead it absorbs instantly into the skin so that it feels plump soft all thanks to hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and marine plant extracts (which is full of antioxidants). 

Knockout Tingling Treatment 

The product name speaks for itself, being a tingling treatment it works to resurface your skin and balance out your pH levels. It's perfect for all skin types except for sensitive type skin. If you have flaky or dry skin and in need of a treatment which will help to smooth out the surface, this is your best product. It's the perfect gentle exfoliating treatment which I simply cannot live without anymore. My pores were literally clean after using the treatment and I felt that it did an AMAZING job in helping to clear any acne or breakouts. 

Tarte Maracuja C-brighter Eye Treatment 

I don't go a day without applying on an eye product because I feel that it's so essential to apply on products which help to moisturise, hydrate and smooth out the area. The skin around the eyes are usually more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. So I recently tried out the maracuja C-brighter eye treatment which instantly brightens up the eye area, as well as providing a whole heap of moisture to the skin. It's not greasy making it the perfect for my skin type and over time I've noted the areas around my eyes looking much brighter and feeling more nourished. 

Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost 

This product is a vegan gel-based moisturiser which is perfect for adding that extra moisture to your skin. I love the cooling-gel feeling that you get upon application which leaves skin feeling comfortable and nice. For a formula that's nowhere as near greasy, Tarte does not disappoint when it comes to their skincare line. They do offer amazing and effective products for the skin which I am so pleased about after taking them on a test-run. My skin looks glowing and healthier after using their latest H20 Hydrating Boost. 


Have you tried any of these yet? 

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