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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Want to learn more about the products which have helped me to rid acne and clear skin for good? 
Proactiv+ is a 3 step system designed to be used together consistently for the best results. Recently I revamped my skincare routine with a set of new products by Proactiv+ because lately my skin has been showings signs of oiliness, random blemishes and dullness. 

I decided to jump onto the Proactiv+ bandwagon and see what their products are all about. My challenge was to trial out the products and make observations as to whether I'm seeing a significant skin improvement and difference. If you're after simple products which are ideal for targeting blemish-prone skin, then it's definitely worth looking out for Proactiv+. 

See below for the my latest skincare routine of the products I am currently using: 

Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator (Facial Cleanser) 

Featuring the a reformulated exfoliator for the skin, this product works to smooth out your skin's surface as well as tackling any breakouts or blemishes. It contains glycolic acid which in effect helps to renew skin and remove any impurities on the skin. Essentially it works as an exfoliator and cleanser in the one product, so you get the best of both worlds. As the first product in my skincare routine, I'd use it both morning and night for maximum results. It's the perfect cleanser and exfoliator in looking to leave your skin feeling smoother and looking more glowing as ever. 

Step 2: Pore Targeting Solution

One thing to note about the blemish targeting solution is that it's best to stick to one product at a time. Skin irritation and dryness are quite common if you tend to combine more than one product within your skincare routine. Additionally, avoid prolonged sun exposure and always use a high SPF rating sunscreen when you're outdoors. 

With the Pore Targeting Solution, simply use about 2 pumps to clean dry skin and apply evenly over the face. There is no need to rinse after application and make sure to allow the product to completely absorb on the skin. 

I felt that this product helped to target my random breakouts as well as clear the skin. My skin definitely looked less dull the day after and I'm so pleased about the quick and effective results. If you have medium to large pores like myself, using a Pore Targeting Solution is ideal as it helps to target breakouts at the source, which are the pores itself. 

Step 3: Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 

The third step is to soothe the skin from any redness, brighten skin tone as well as leaving skin feeling replenished and hydrated. The perfect product is of course the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator which doesn't clog the pores which is ideal for those looking to target blemishes/acne. The Hydrator leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It's great for a post-acne treatment as it helps to leave your skin looking less red. 

Step 4: Green Tea Moisturiser (optional) 

This is an optional product from their range and is made to alleviate your skin from any dryness or discomfort. The Green Tea Moisturiser is perfect for leaving your skin feeling soothed and less dry. Simply apply onto the skin right after step 3 should you be experiencing any dryness from using the other products as mentioned. As the products look to clear acne and can look to strip your skin's natural oils, it's wise to follow up with their Green Tea Moisturiser. 

Proactiv Cleansing Brush 

For extra results you can look to combine the cleansing brush with a cleanser of your choice. In this case, I've used this cleansing brush with the Facial Cleanser. The results are phenomenal and you get a better cleanse from the bristles of the brush. I found that my skin felt so much smoother and complexion definitely looked much brighter. 


This post is in collaboration with Proactiv+

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Have you tried out any of the above mentioned products? 

Sunday, December 1, 2019


The Holidays are approaching and it's all about staying comfortable and on-trend. 

My go-to on-trend and online shopping boutique has to be Femme Luxe, where they look to stock affordable and stylish fashionable pieces for every occasion. I love the wide range of outfits that allow me to step outside of my comfort zone. 

In this Holiday Edit, it's all about the Christmas parties, gatherings, turkey hams, joy, laughter and much more. Most importantly, what better way to show-off your latest #OOTD with the trendiest piece. 

Remember feeling comfortable and confident in whichever piece you choose is key to dressing your best...

Here are my #OOTD picks for the Holiday Edit: 

The Perfect Coat For Those Windy Days 

Wrap yourself in this comfortable and stylish Stone Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat. Outerwear are so handy to have in your wardrobe because you just never know when they'll come in handy for cold and windy days. This luxurious looking coat comes with a fabric belt which simply completes that chic and Parisian inspired look. 

The Stone Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat is available here

Rain Or Shine 

I'm loving the Grey High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress which is comfortable and stylish. It makes the perfect piece for a weekend day out, paired with your favourite heels and bag. I love the luxe long sleeves on this dress as it keeps you warm and snugged all day long. 

The Grey High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress is available here

Add Some Luxe & Glam 

The Red Mesh Overlay Long Sleeve Mini Dress is the perfect dress for the holiday season. Dress it up to your next Christmas party and make a statement! I actually love the square neckline and mesh sleeves which give it a luxe and glamourous appeal to it, whilst trying to opt for a simple look. 

The Red Mesh Overlay Long Sleeve Mini Dress is available here

Just Had To Get In Black Too 

Completely the same as the other outfit as mentioned above, only this time it comes in black. The Black High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress in Esmelia is a must-have item in every girl's wardrobe. Pair it with your favourite heels or boots and party away girl! A great thing about jumper-style dresses is that they're perfect for cold and windy days/nights. You can still look to stay on-trend without fully covering up. 

The Black High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress is available here


Are you ready for the holidays?