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Tuesday, December 14, 2021



Happy holidays

We are so close to Christmas coming and I am already loving the festive vibes, decked-out decorations to different variations of light shows being spread across houses and suburbs. From Christmas parties to meeting up with your loved ones, what better way to revamp your holiday fashion wardrobe. 

Of course I had to dedicate a Holiday special OOTD post for you guys showcasing FOUR amazing styles you can look to rock this Christmas. All of these outfits can be worn for the festive season, casually or whenever you're feeling like dressing up. I have purchased all of my outfits via my favourite 
fashion e-commerce store here. They honestly have the trendiest pieces - for just about any occasion. They offer many styles, patterns and colours - and most importantly they're made with decent quality which I cannot fault. 

Let's get to my FOUR Holiday styled outfits of the day, I hope you enjoy x

Cutest knitwear for the holidays

How adorable is my Stone Knitted Oversized Long Sleeve Crop Jumper High Waisted Leggings Loungewear? It's the perfect set for when you feel like lounging around with your family and friends, being surrounded by the fireplace - cup of hot cocoa in one hand, and perhaps cuddling your furry friend. This cute knitwear set comes with a cropped jumper, along with high-waisted matching leggings (all in knitwear material), making you feel warmer in the cooler season. It's honestly so comfortable and I can literally stay in these all day long - without any issues. 

Also these are perfect for a gift idea - in case you were after a cute set for your loved ones. 

Ring in the new year in pink

I am wearing the Pink Slinky Ruched Mini Dress in the colour Yaretzi, this is such a cute and pretty dress to rock for a nice night out with your friends, dinner party - or whenever you're feeling like something cute to wear. It's time to stand out from crowd with a sleek, ruched mini dress - because you'll be sure to get some compliments. 

Mix and match with your favourite accessories, headband, heels, evening bag - to dress it up even a little more. This dress is available in sizes 6-12, so there's definitely a fit for everyone. Otherwise I recommend getting a size down as it's ruched and stretchy, making it so comfortable. 

Dark chocolate with extra hot sauce

I am rocking the Chocolate Ribbed Bardot Long Sleeve Stretchy Bodycon Midi Dress, in Rosita - it's very sophisticated looking making it perfect for those opting for more of a conservative look. I love the warm/dark cocoa tone to it  - as it honestly reminds me of the Fall weather, nevertheless this outfit still speaks Holiday Festive vibes. 

Pair it with your favourite black booties, or strappy glittery heels - for a fabulous night out. This Bodycon Midi dress is true to size, so I would recommend either sizing down or getting your right size for it. If it's too loose - you can always pair it with a snappy belt to give you a cinched waist look for the holiday look. 

Downtown let it snow, let it snow.

I am all about the winter knitted dresses especially with this Grey Knitted Bardot Long Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress. It's super cute - comes in light grey making it on-trend if you're after a neutral look. It's also very cosy and comfortable to wear all day long - pair it with some of your favourite go-to accessories. When it comes to knitted dresses, they're the perfect transitional piece to own in your wardrobe, plus it keeps you warm all day and night.


Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year x

Monday, November 22, 2021


Hello and welcome,

Let's talk about cosy, comfortable outfits of the day...because we literally cannot get enough of them. Of course when it comes to outfits that keep us warm all day, it honestly doesn't have to be boring. With an eye for detail, style and colour...I am sure you'll be able to round up an outfit that can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

In this particular fashion post I have looked to style up FOUR beautiful and simple styles which can be for an all-day everyday wear, whether it be stepping out to your local grocery stores, or running errands to the post office, these outfits are a must this season. I have sourced all of my fashionable outfits through my favourite fashion e-commerce store here. They literally have all of the one stop shop garments for just every occasion - for leisure and formal outings, this shop has you sorted, period. 

So here are my FOUR styles for an all-day comfort wear, I hope you enjoy x

Hot cocoa and marshmallows?

I am loving my brand new Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore in Lime and Teal. These adorable knits have a split on the side which gives it some added style to the overall knit itself. The sleeves come ruched and bunched as it goes towards your wrists/hands - giving it a cinched and sophisticated look. I paired my Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore with a black tights, but you can easily mix and match with whatever bottoms you wish - jeans, trousers, flair pants or stockings..accessorized with some knee high leather boots. 

Overall this is such a cosy and comfortable style for an all-day wear..or even for a cold wintry night as it will keep you super warm all long. Of course I had to purchase two colours because I don't own anything in either lime or teal, so stepping out of my comfort zone is something that I am looking to do more. 

Girl's night in, popcorn and chocolate pls!

Are we ready for fall yet? This adorable burnt orange Rust Sleeveless Tank Top, Oversized Midi Cardigan and Joggers - in a 3-piece-knit set is super cute for a late night session with the girls, followed by a sleepover! This three piece set is incredibly comfortable, and what's more is that all three pieces are versatile, you can mix and match with your other outfits. The loungewear is great to have in your wardrobe, and what better way to show-off to your friends of how comfortable you are feeling! 

Of course if you wanted to dress up this piece, simply pair it with your favourite sneakers/joggers and VOILA - it's almost good to go!

Ready to take on the day!

Look are we going to tackle the day with a super cute vest? I am wearing the Grey & Black Reversible High Neck Zip Up Sleeveless Padded Gilet - Dani. I have always wanted to own a vest because it's very versatile, plus you can reverse the colour if you were wanting to mix and match with your other tops and bottoms. This vest comes in quite a decent quality, and comes with a zip up feature - making it easy for you to style and access at your own will. Popping on a vest it really does leave you feeling warm - so for those days where you want to wear minimal - simply throw on a vest! 


ciao for now,

Saturday, November 6, 2021



Hello world, 

What joy it brings me to you all, by looking to share this upcoming post with you all. Bring it on freedom day - post-lockdown blues. You literally don't know how excited I am to dine in restaurants, go to the beach, shop around and browse around without feeling like I am breaking the rules. For those across the world, over in Australia we've only recently opened up and learning to live with this evil pandemic which has absolutely taken a toll on the world, literally.

Of course it's the perfect excuse to whip and style up some summery inspired outfits which are taking the latest trend on the fashionable market. I have sourced all of my fashionable outfits through my favourite fashion e-commerce store here. They literally have all of the one stop shop garments for just every occasion - for leisure and formal outings, this shop has you sorted, period. 

Let's go to brunch

How cute is this overall outfit? I have styled this Black Ruffled Corset inspired going out top (which has a corset like zip up/down feature for ease of access), as well as ruffled ends for a chic look, with this Sage High Waisted PU Faux Leather Pleat Hem Bodycon Mini Skirt. Made with a faux leather material, it's super fun to style with your casual day outfits, making it ideal for a girl's brunch or so. The pleat hem detailing is super cute, chic and feminine which I love. Team it up with your pair of heels or knee-high boots. 

Wedding day vibes

So weddings are back on without any capacity...which means there's an excuse to splurge on a new dress or two...I am wearing the Stone Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress. Look to add a little sass to your overall outfit by keeping it laid back, casual and luxe. I love the ribbed material because it feels incredibly comfortable, and honestly that's all you would want for a dress. To be in an outfit that doesn't leave your skin irritated etc. I am literally obsessed with this dress and it would be so cute for the Fall season also. I have paired my usual outfits with heels (because it just works for my build), but it would be cuter if you had some knee-high boots.

Strappy classics

Make a statement with this beautiful Black Slinky Asymmetric V Neck Strappy Bodycon Midi Dress. This cinching bodycon fits comfortably well and comes in a classic mid length with this amazingly comfortable material. It would be ideal for any occasion as it's super versatile to wear either day or night. Dress it up with your fav accessories, shoes...and if you want to dress it down - chuck on a pair of white sneakers, done. 


Laters, xx

Saturday, October 2, 2021


Welcome back, 

Well I have been a little excited for this upcoming post because it's all dedicated to styling some OOTD for spring coming (especially those in the Southern Hemisphere). As I sit here (still in lockdown) and with about two weeks to go till we can finally breathe a sense of freedom. I am looking forward to expanding my wardrobe with the latest seasonal pieces...which comes with a trip to my favourite shopping stores and boutiques. (Watch this space). And let's not forget about online shopping (my go-to online boutique here - where no doubt I can always look to find the latest trendiest pieces in town. Head over to their store to check out the latest post-lockdown outfits for your next social event.

Let's get to my latest Spring OOTD styling pieces, I hope you enjoy x 

Get cute with this Grey Co-ord set
Let's talk about how CUTE this Grey Ribbed Strappy Crop Top High Waisted Bodycon Mini Skirt Co-ord set is! Comes in a two piece set (I chose grey but there is also a cream coloured set available too). Style it up with your favourite accessory - bag, hair clips, heels or even sneakers for a casual look outside. This set is a bodycon fit so it's made true to size. I am wearing a size small which fits well for me. The material is ribbed style giving it a breathable and comfortable feel when worn. Take it to new heights by rocking this look to your next coffee date with the girls. It's definitely perfect for Spring coming. 

Bringing it back 90's
At first I wasn't sure whether this look was right for me as it has been A LONG time since I rocked the flairs look. But surprisingly the outfit went well together for my weekend day out. I am wearing the Black Thick Strap Square Neck Split Flare Leg Bodycon Jumpsuit in Beryl. It's definitely a different look to my usual styles and I am glad I took the plunge to venture outside of my comfort zone. And speaking of comfort, this bodycon jumpsuit is incredibly comfortable and sleek fitting. I love the thick straps which give you the much added support and the split flare leg gives you an edgy and on-trend look for Spring. Team it up with your purse, wallet and strappy heels to finish up the sophisticated 90's look. 

Barbie in Spring
This colour is EVERYTHING - only because I love anything pink! I am rocking the Hot Pink Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress in Taylor. Comes in a ruched and bodycon fit, this dress is fabulous for weddings, social events and anything for an excuse to dress up. This is one superior look and I am sure it's a dress which will definitely stand out from the crowd. Dress it up for a Barbie classic look or pair it with a blazer/jacket for a day look. The choices are endless. 

Classic in Spring
I am wearing the Cream Oversized Long Sleeve Lapel Button Detail Blazer in Bodhi for more of a conservative and sophisticated look. It's the best way to keep your overall look professional and modern for an office look perhaps - or if you feel like styling a conservative look? This cream oversized long sleeve comes with gold button detail making this blazer a beautiful piece to style with pants or even a skirt. Everyone should own a cream blazer in their wardrobe as it's incredibly versatile style with just about any piece. 


Hope you enjoyed my Spring OOTD pieces. 

Stay tuned for more seasonal fashion posts to come! 

Liv x

Thursday, July 29, 2021


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Hello my loves x 

I hope you're all keeping safe and well. In today's post I am inspired to share some of my online discoveries of the latest fashion trends. Since the CO-VID pandemic started early last year around January-February, I have been enjoying staying indoors. But of course it's time enjoy some fashion because by the looks of what we're observing around the world. the world is keeping up with revolving fashion trends. (Fashion never dies, it just evolves for the better). There are so many new ways people are expressing their fashion senses (through wearing their favorite piece of colors or pieces). 

We are seeing bucket hats coming back, pastel colored active wear to pairing neutral tracksuits with an oversized coat and even brightly colored 90's inspired pieces appearing back into people's wardrobe (Glad we kept these aside during our de-cluttering days). 

So let's look to re-visit some new and old trends that are currently trending. 

1. Wide Leg Jeans
Move aside skinny jeans because wide leg jeans are most definitely making a comeback into the fashion realm. Reminds you of the 2000's where jean flares were prominent across everyone's wardrobe (well mostly). The wide leg jeans sits high on the waist and flares out past the knees, giving you that relaxed and comfortable look. Paired with pink sunglasses or a colorful top, you can most certainly strike off as someone who definitely had a vibe for the 70's fashion. In today's world we are bringing it back, baby - paired with a neutral colored or white top, layered with a cropped or over-sized sweater.  What I love about the 'Wide Leg Jeans' is that you can easily mix and match with tops and layers. It's probably my go-to for a quick breakfast date or weekend errand-itching to go outside outfit. Once our CO-VID restrictions are most lifted, I will definitely be striking more of this fashion inspiration outdoors.

Source: Pinterest

2. Tracksuit sets and Oversized coats
You will be surprised to know that this look is rocked by many fashion models and fashionable Influencers from around the world. #OOTD to #OOTN you can instantly pair your regular tracksuits (from something daggy or comfortable) with your classy over-sized coats (to VOILA I made an effort to get ready). This fashion inspired look is perfect and ideal for cold wintry seasons as no doubt it will keep you warm and snug. This is definitely a funky combination to rock outdoors because what will complete this trending look is really your favorite pair of sneakers or boots. Sparking New York vibes anyone? 

Source: Pinterest

3. Pastel Colors Baby!
If you want to pull off a cute and chic look then what better way to pull out your pastels baby! Making it such an easy trend to pair with other softer tones, this look will bring back the Barbie or high school days. Try mixing it up with different hues if you're after a pop of color but this is no doubt the perfect quirky look for those after something cute, something colorful. 

Source: Pinterest

4. Pastel Bucket Hats
If you want to invest in your bucket hats in pastel shades, look no further because we are definitely seeing this trend creeping back to 2021. Some pastel trending colors include lemon, baby pink and yellow are so adorable to pair with your overall outfit. 

Mix and match with your favorite over-sized tee-shirt to the wide flare pants or pair of Converse sneakers. Bucket hats are great to emphasize your eyebrows and facial structure especially when you are wearing your hair down.  

Source: Pinterest

5. Neutral Co-Ord Sets
A favorite look that I love to wear on like most days. It's not too busy or colorful and would suit those who prefer wearing more neutral colors (but then again having a nice rotation of style and color) throughout the week would probably boost my mood. 

There are so many ways you can pair your neutral co-ord set which is of course by some accessories - to your favorite pair of sneakers, heels or even a rich hue colored bag/pouch to go with your overall neutral look (to strike some balance in between). This is truly a sophisticated and classic look to opt for - which is why it's one of my favorites. 

Source: Pinterest

6. Floral Prints
Not everyone will vibe on bringing back the floral prints, but why not give it a chance with some fun floral inspired tops or skirts. You can easily pair it with a bolder colors to really take your eye away from the florals (but still have that classic 90's inspired look). If you're someone who loves to express themselves through moods, prints etc.. this is the perfect chance! It's fun look which no doubt allows you to become more creative in your fashion outlet. 

Source: Pinterest

7. Fluorescent Pops
Bring back a POP of colour to your overall style by adding a bright shade or pattern - you will no doubt stand out from the crowd, but it's a fun way to make you feel more bright, bubbly and experimental in a way. Opt for a neon green or neon pink blazer or a striking red dress for your #OOTD outfit. Not all fashion has to be monochrome, simple, neutral or safe. It's all about experimenting with different shades, textures and style. 

8. Over-sized Bomber Jackets
Bomber jackets are great for giving you that sleek, effortlessly chic aesthetic look. They should always rest loosely on your hips, and the cuffs shouldn't go past your wrists. Look to pair with some high rise tights or pants followed with a pair of your favorite sneakers. It's a super nice and casual look especially if you're out and about (socially distancing), grabbing a coffee with a friend, whatever it is you are doing, etc. 

9. Cropped Cardigans
A classic must-have or a well known contemporary fashion trend is of course, the cropped cardigan. For a super cute look mix and match with your lounge sweatpants or a midi skirt and sneakers. This is no doubt another incredibly comfortable outfit to wear ALL day long, because cardigans keep us all snug and warm. Cardigan styles range from button-ups to embellished to printed knits, so essentially there's a style for anyone. You can find some affordable cropped cardigans at either Zara or H&M. 

10. Monochrome Lovers
A fashionable trend that will never go outdated is the monochrome look. Combine your favourite white and black outfits, and BOOM it's no brainer that this look will work. Simply choose your white blouse button down with a black skirt and pair with some black boots. 
We have definitely seen this trend from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga and much more. 

So there you have it, some fashion trends I have observed from across the world. We may all be in this pandemic together, but one thing is for sure, fashion never really stops. 

Stay safe and take care everyone, 

L xx

Saturday, May 15, 2021


Let's rejoice to Winter - a season where you can layer on as much as you love! 

Hello all - I hope you have been well and living it up wherever you are in this part of the world. Always enjoy life to the fullest! That's enough of some deep and meaningful chit chat, nevertheless let's get into my favourite part of blogging...let's talk fashion - in particularly during winter (for those residing in the Southern Hemisphere). Winter is all about embracing the cooler change, the wind whip lashes, the early morning frost bites...and much more. When it comes to dressing ourselves it's all about the layering, the jumpers, jackets, co-ord sets...and the list goes on. You can easily spruce up your look with the latest and trendiest pieces, accessories - ranging from boots to scarves to gloves - to anything winter related. I usually love to hop onto my go-to e-commerce fashion boutique, Femme Luxe literally a favourite of mine - and where I usually look to source my next outfit for the next social event. 

So here is my latest haul from them where I have styled FOUR different looks - so perfect for this weather. Just remember always choose pieces that you feel comfortable in, and sometimes being simple can make an immense difference, (without going the extra mile). 

Enjoy xo

Ready for girl's night 

Ladies I am in love with these Grey Tartan Slim Leg Trousers. It can be easily paired with your favourite blouse, top or a button-up top. It feels stretchy, comfortable and comes true to size. I picked up a size 8 (as pictured) and I didn't require a belt or so, but I think it would be even cuter if I threw on a belt too. To finish off my look I just matched it with some nude pointy heels. This look can easily be worn on your girl's night out...or change up the blouse to be work appropriate and you're good to go to the office. 

The Grey Tartan Trousers are available here

Any day is trackie day!

Femme Luxe recently released a new colour - Mauve! The Mauve Hoodie and Joggers Tracksuit Co-ord set, is super comfortable and I can lounge in these all day long. The colour is feminine and subtle which I love about it. This is definitely a go-to errands type of outfit, or even to lounge at home because it's THAT comfortable. Tracksuit sets are great pieces to own because who doesn't love a good matching outfit. 

The Mauve Tracksuit Co-ord sets are available here

Oversize Me!

I am wearing their Blue Buffalo Slogan Leggings Co-ord Set, totally out of my comfort zone because I normally don't opt for the oversized pieces. I am glad I've finally stepped out of the zone, and allowed myself to embrace a new style. And honestly it's not a bad look especially if you want that "sporty" youthful look - so effortless as well. 

The Blue Leggings Co-ord sets are available here. 

Ready for race day

I have mixed up my style with a lovely, flowing Print Black and White Midi Dress. I have paired this look with some nude, neutral heels - which make it so perfect for race days, work, dinner dates and for any occasion. I've always opted for printed dalmatian style dresses as they are so easy to stye 


Which is your favourite outfit? 

Saturday, April 24, 2021



    Stay comfortable for the weekend! 

Welcome to another edition of the weekend edit, and here's a quick snapshot of some casual looks that I've put together. You can still feel stylish and on-trend with a pullover and joggers, I managed to source all of my outfits being featured on this page via my favourite UK online fashion website Femme Luxe. They stock a range of affordable fashionable pieces, from casual to Grey, Black and Cream Loungewear to Co Ord Sets to glamourous dresses. I love how their featured pieces are still trendy and stylish, which makes it easy for you to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. 

Oversized Pullover Hoodies & Cuffed Joggers 
So I literally love how comfortable these Co Ord Sets feel - so much that I managed to grab them in three colours: cream, black and grey. You can easily pop them on for your weekend daily errands, trips to the shopping mall, lunch date with friends...and simply for home. I sized up in these pieces because I love the oversized feel. Currently I am wearing these Pullover Hoodies and Cuffed Joggers in Medium. For more of a shaped fit, you can go for your true size, however I just prefer an oversized fit when it comes to streetwear and homewear pieces.

 You can find the Grey Loungewear available here

Fashionable White Puff Long Sleeve
This is a Milkmaid Top which is a mid-length top and does show a little skin (for those wondering of length and size). It's easily matched with a pair of high-waisted jeans or trousers, and you're good to go! Otherwise look to accessorise with your favourite necklace, watch, bag, etc..

You can find this Milkmaid Top available here. 


What's your go to outfit for weekends?