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Monday, November 22, 2021


Hello and welcome,

Let's talk about cosy, comfortable outfits of the day...because we literally cannot get enough of them. Of course when it comes to outfits that keep us warm all day, it honestly doesn't have to be boring. With an eye for detail, style and colour...I am sure you'll be able to round up an outfit that can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

In this particular fashion post I have looked to style up FOUR beautiful and simple styles which can be for an all-day everyday wear, whether it be stepping out to your local grocery stores, or running errands to the post office, these outfits are a must this season. I have sourced all of my fashionable outfits through my favourite fashion e-commerce store here. They literally have all of the one stop shop garments for just every occasion - for leisure and formal outings, this shop has you sorted, period. 

So here are my FOUR styles for an all-day comfort wear, I hope you enjoy x

Hot cocoa and marshmallows?

I am loving my brand new Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore in Lime and Teal. These adorable knits have a split on the side which gives it some added style to the overall knit itself. The sleeves come ruched and bunched as it goes towards your wrists/hands - giving it a cinched and sophisticated look. I paired my Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore with a black tights, but you can easily mix and match with whatever bottoms you wish - jeans, trousers, flair pants or stockings..accessorized with some knee high leather boots. 

Overall this is such a cosy and comfortable style for an all-day wear..or even for a cold wintry night as it will keep you super warm all long. Of course I had to purchase two colours because I don't own anything in either lime or teal, so stepping out of my comfort zone is something that I am looking to do more. 

Girl's night in, popcorn and chocolate pls!

Are we ready for fall yet? This adorable burnt orange Rust Sleeveless Tank Top, Oversized Midi Cardigan and Joggers - in a 3-piece-knit set is super cute for a late night session with the girls, followed by a sleepover! This three piece set is incredibly comfortable, and what's more is that all three pieces are versatile, you can mix and match with your other outfits. The loungewear is great to have in your wardrobe, and what better way to show-off to your friends of how comfortable you are feeling! 

Of course if you wanted to dress up this piece, simply pair it with your favourite sneakers/joggers and VOILA - it's almost good to go!

Ready to take on the day!

Look are we going to tackle the day with a super cute vest? I am wearing the Grey & Black Reversible High Neck Zip Up Sleeveless Padded Gilet - Dani. I have always wanted to own a vest because it's very versatile, plus you can reverse the colour if you were wanting to mix and match with your other tops and bottoms. This vest comes in quite a decent quality, and comes with a zip up feature - making it easy for you to style and access at your own will. Popping on a vest it really does leave you feeling warm - so for those days where you want to wear minimal - simply throw on a vest! 


ciao for now,

Saturday, November 6, 2021



Hello world, 

What joy it brings me to you all, by looking to share this upcoming post with you all. Bring it on freedom day - post-lockdown blues. You literally don't know how excited I am to dine in restaurants, go to the beach, shop around and browse around without feeling like I am breaking the rules. For those across the world, over in Australia we've only recently opened up and learning to live with this evil pandemic which has absolutely taken a toll on the world, literally.

Of course it's the perfect excuse to whip and style up some summery inspired outfits which are taking the latest trend on the fashionable market. I have sourced all of my fashionable outfits through my favourite fashion e-commerce store here. They literally have all of the one stop shop garments for just every occasion - for leisure and formal outings, this shop has you sorted, period. 

Let's go to brunch

How cute is this overall outfit? I have styled this Black Ruffled Corset inspired going out top (which has a corset like zip up/down feature for ease of access), as well as ruffled ends for a chic look, with this Sage High Waisted PU Faux Leather Pleat Hem Bodycon Mini Skirt. Made with a faux leather material, it's super fun to style with your casual day outfits, making it ideal for a girl's brunch or so. The pleat hem detailing is super cute, chic and feminine which I love. Team it up with your pair of heels or knee-high boots. 

Wedding day vibes

So weddings are back on without any capacity...which means there's an excuse to splurge on a new dress or two...I am wearing the Stone Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress. Look to add a little sass to your overall outfit by keeping it laid back, casual and luxe. I love the ribbed material because it feels incredibly comfortable, and honestly that's all you would want for a dress. To be in an outfit that doesn't leave your skin irritated etc. I am literally obsessed with this dress and it would be so cute for the Fall season also. I have paired my usual outfits with heels (because it just works for my build), but it would be cuter if you had some knee-high boots.

Strappy classics

Make a statement with this beautiful Black Slinky Asymmetric V Neck Strappy Bodycon Midi Dress. This cinching bodycon fits comfortably well and comes in a classic mid length with this amazingly comfortable material. It would be ideal for any occasion as it's super versatile to wear either day or night. Dress it up with your fav accessories, shoes...and if you want to dress it down - chuck on a pair of white sneakers, done. 


Laters, xx