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Thursday, January 27, 2022


Re-create your style

I am back once again - to give you a whole new wardrobe styling that is so perfect for Spring/Fall coming. These outfits are super cute, sassy and you can easily dress it up, or make it casual (whatever you want).  

All of my outfits have been handpicked by yours truly, at my favourite online boutique, where all of my dream outfits come together. Here you can find all of your basic tops, bottoms to glitzy and glittery formal wear dresses to wow a crowd. It is honestly my favourite fashion go-to online store because the price point is relatively affordable, quality on par and I must say international shipping is reliable and fast. 

I feel like 2022 is a chance for us all to re-create our styles to define a new character of who we are. I have been sticking to the 'safe' and 'comfort' outfits, where in reality in the fashion world, it's all about experimenting with a means of trying and testing out what really works for your body, style and overall frame. If you are totally content and satisfied with your current style, by all means stick with it. My post is just simply an inspiration of my alter-ego -superwoman. Superwoman - meaning to not be afraid of who I am, and having the courage to try something new, something different.

Without further adieu, I hope you find some inspiration somewhere in these #OOTD's. 

Ditch the heels

Ringing in the new year with a silky, dusky blue satin bardot puff sleeve blue dress - teamed with puffy sleeves to give you an edgy overall look. This dress is oh so gorgeous and sassy looking - making it an elegant wear for a social event, wedding or so. It is a unique item to wear for special occasions and I just love the puffy sleeve details, which gives off glam vibes. The outfit feels comfortable to wear, my only point would be to size down to 6, I am currently wearing a size 8, and feel a 6 would fit my body better. Otherwise it's such a CUTE outfit, I would highly recommend the colour also :) 

Ready for a walk 

I am ready to venture outside where the sun is shining and sky is beaming with this cream knitted rib long-sleeve jumper high waisted bodycon midi skirt co-ord set. This is a lovely co-ord set to own for Autumn coming because it's classy and sophisticated. If you're after more of a conservative-female wear then I am certain this outfit will not go out of style. The cream colour definitely gives off angelic vibes and paired with your favourite boots or heels, you're well on your way to soak in some sun. 

Corsets are life

This is my first time wearing a corset, featuring the Mink Strappy Corset Diamante Crop Top in Maddie. It is definitely a new step I have taken, to get that confidence to rock this crop top with a high waisted midi-type of skirt. To my surprise, this crop top is sassy and it works. I will most definitely be mixing it with my leather skirts for my future social events. I love the diamante detailing of the crop top - but I just have a to be a tad careful that they don't fall out of course. The crop top does come with some spare diamantes (in case any do fall out, you have a back up) 


So there you have it with my Top 3 Sexy/Sassy Outfits to start Spring/Fall with. 

Which are your favourite pieces? 

Friday, January 7, 2022




This New Year is all about setting realistic goals, aspiring to achieve them as well as keeping up with the latest fashionable trends. I have put together a collage of easy to wear outfits which are so versatile you can easily wear them casually or dress it up with the right accessories and add-on's. When it comes to everyday outfits I try to make some effort at least when I step out the front door. From a pop of colour to monochrome shades - there's no doubt a theme in every step of the way. From French Parisans inspiration to classic timeless looks, fashion is always evolving. 

I have purchased and sourced all of my outfits from my favourite online boutique, where you can find all of your latest tops, bottoms, dresses, coats and other extra bits and bobs. Honestly I love shopping on this fashionable website because they have so much trendy pieces which are eye-catching pieces for sure. Of course not every item is for everyone out there but if you love to mix-and-match with newer items, I am sure you will find something suitable for your wardrobe style.


Cute puffy

Dress it up or down with the latest Teal Square Neck Long Puff Sleeve Drawstring Ruched Crop Top - Shirley. I have paired it with a blue skirt but any bottoms would go with it also such as a nice pair of jeans or flair pants. I absolutely adore this style as I am ALL for the puffy sleeves along with the ruched crop top. You can easily adjust it if you're a bit conscious of showing too much skin also (so it's good to know that it's not fully a crop top). The crop top would be an ideal piece for day or night wear, but realistically I have been wearing this to my morning catch-up's during the day as it's super cute!

Wine and Coffee

Looking for a casual outfit of the day? Pair your bottoms with the Wine Cuffed Jogger - Lizzie it's honestly super comfortable and you can get away with it being an at-home-to-wear-piece. I have paired these joggers with a Stone Knitted Long Sleeve Pocket Cardigan, which gives your overall outfit more of a dressier style and look. The cardigan comes with two pockets on the side which is absolutely convenient to store your little knick knacks, keys and whatnot. 

Of course you don't have to wear just a sports bra underneath all of it - but I thought I'd go for the 'bare minimum' fitness OOTD. This is a warm outfit to wear which is great for cooler seasons - spring, autumn or winter. To finish off the look, pair it with your favourite white sneakers. 

Keeping knitted up

I am wearing the Charcoal Long Sleeve Knitted Bodycon dress - Arlette and you may have guessed that I love my knitwear of course. Pair this dress with some nice strappy heels to dress it up for a night look, otherwise pair it with some sneakers for a casual, sleek look. I love the material and feel of this dress, as it's incredibly soft and comfortable to wear for all day long. Generally some knitwear items can be rather uncomfortable to wear, but I must say that the quality from this fashionable boutique certainly does not disappoint. So I would highly recommend their knitwear range if you're after new items for your wardrobe. 


With lots of love xo,