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Wednesday, February 16, 2022



My Top Amazon Buys 
2022 Guide 

Hi everyone and welcome back. 

I thought I'd take you on a different space and give you my 'Top Amazon Buys for 2022' from the well-known Amazon. We all love a great bargain when shopping online which is why I was so excited to compile this list together and share it with you all. Did you know Amazon carries over 12 million products? (That is an insane range of inventory, making so convenient and perfect for someone looking for a product. And to top it off, Amazon comes with fast shipping - reaching your doorstep relatively quicker than other delivery services (in my opinion). What are your thoughts on shopping with Amazon? 

I Anyways you'll see below is my personal list of the TOP Amazon buys (whether you're up at 2:00am shopping for an Instapot to new Nike sneakers, this guide is your best bet. So what are you waiting for, start filling up your shopping carts now. 

LIFE SAVER earphones for the gym or if you're a pro multi-tasker. If you're still using the wired earphones, it is time for an upgrade. Treat yourself to these pairs, you'll thank me later. 

Another convenient hair styling product to have as it's a complete game-changer. Prevents further heat damage and does a darn good job in drying your hair within a short span of time. A must-have in your bathrooms and holiday bags. 

This is a Pressure cooker, Slow cooker, Rice and grain cooker, Steamer, Saute, Sous vide, Yoghurt maker, Sterilizer and Warmer, 6 Quart. Proven to be a game-changer in the kitchen, this multi-tasking device is practical and convenient to have at home (especially when you like to focus more on cooking healthy meals for the family, friends and yourself). Honestly I feel this product has really allowed me to focus on being more time efficient with other tasks at hand. Nevertheless the benefits reaped from using this device is so worth it! 

With over 38,498 reviews, you can be re-assured that these pair of yoga pants will literally feel like butter on the skin. Why pay premium for your active-wear gear, when you can find a dupe at a fraction of the price. Now let's be honest we know Lululemon have recently raised their prices on their Align's etc.. but if you're after a nice pair of yoga pants which fit the budget - but can still feel amazing when worn, look no further. 

Having the Echo Dot (smart speaker) on your bedside table or at home, will allow you to speak to Alexa. You can also use motions (instead of voice) to prompt tasks, to-do's and so on. 

Want to feel close to being at a hotel? Well guess what these bed sheets are of hotel luxury quality. With over 280,000 reviews no wonder the Internet is taking more interest in investing in these quality and affordable bed-sheets. Don't pay premium for priced up brands. Shop around and you'll find amazing dupes which will definitely save your wallet in the longer run. 

Offering superior sound as well as being rechargeable and compatible, you'll definitely need to invest in one these wireless bluetooth speakers. They're great for parties, etc. 

Everyone is going to either hate or love Crocs. They're back in fashion so they're not going anywhere. Did I mention how comfortable they feel as well? 

What a fabulous way to keep your beauty staples fresh..along with a few cans of refreshing beverages. I love the pink fridge - it's so cute! 

If you're after a decent security camera for your home, this has been quite popular on Amazon. Comes with nigh vision, an all-new Starlight sensor which records night time video in full, vivid colour. Along with the other extras no wonder many Amazon customers have been eyeing this product. 

It's time to relax and rewind with this Gua Sha (jade roller) beauty tool, made to relax and massage the face. 

This casserole pan is a pass for many Amazon customers. It's chic and comes in the perfect fit for your ovens. 

These patches have been a popular pick for beauties out there - forget popping zits with your fingers, it's time to check these patches out as they have been proven to clear blemishes. 

The well known hair treatment is great if you're after a little TLC for your hair. Made to repair and strengthen hair for the better! 

We all love a little journal-ling, so why not get the most popular notebook the Internet has been raving about.  This A5 wide durable notebook is a classic and surely something to get your hands on. 

Throw one of these AirTag products onto your keys, phone or wallet - and never look to miss-locate them ever again. Super handy to have - and a little insurance item worth investing your pennies into. 

The name says it all - walk on pillow cloud slides, at home. Better than slippers. 

These famous gold hoops from TikTok have definitely made its name. With over 33,000 reviews no wonder all the fashionistas are trending this item!

For the ultimate health benefits and ensuring that your water stays cool all day, or hot. The YETI tumbler is the BEST tumbler I've tried out to date. 

To nourish, condition and hydrate the skin all over - you need to check out this top rating skincare product as it's a MUST have. 


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