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Monday, May 23, 2022



Styling streetwear with a home-feel

Hello all, 

And...I am back with another styling outfit-of-the-day AKA #OOTD #OOTN. If you're located in the Southern Hemisphere, then you may have been experiencing a drop in temperature. It's time to pull out the hoodies, sweaters, jumpers, boots and of course sneakers. Streetwear is totally coming back to the first quarter of 2022, because you can easily style it up for your everyday wear or perhaps you want to 'dress up a little' but not too much? - if you know what I mean. 

Anyways I thought I'd share with you all of the LATEST streetwear haul I have been loving. Firstly they feel unbelievable comfortable to wear.. and secondly you can get away with it by wearing it outdoors, during your errands or supermarket run etc.. I mean in today's world who bloody cares what you wear!? Be who you WANT to BE!

For all of my streetstyle #OOTD's I have sourced them from my favourite online fashion boutique here. This website is literally my go-to for casual, streetwear, formal and just about anything for a special occasion. The quality is honestly reliable as well as their shipping (from the UK) which works for me. When it comes to garments I always ensure that I purchase quality items because personally I want pieces that I own to last longer. A good tip for ordering pieces online is that ensure that you do it 1-2 weeks before the actual day that you need to wear it, because this will allow the extra time for shipping, try on's etc. 

I hope you enjoy #OOTN pieces and if you would love more information about these styles, make sure to DM me via @Livvvybaby. 

Love Livvy x

Streetwear meets Chic

For your Streetwear meets Chic outfit I have put together these adorable pieces featuring the Beige High Waisted Drawstring Cuffed Teddy Joggers, and the Black Strappy Corset Style Crop Top. Personally there is contrast and texture going on for this style, and I must say I don't mind it. It's super chic and streetstyle at the same time. The Beige Teddy Joggers are ultra comfortable and definitely will keep you warm all day or night. The Black Strappy Corset Style crop top gives your overall style a chic touch to it. I love the corset piece because it really gives off bad girl vibes and what way to slim up your upper body with this look. 

Furthermore you can finish off this style with your favourite clutch, boho handbag and a pair of sneakers. You can easily wear this look out on your errands, coffee catch-up with your friends etc. Overall it's a super comfortable outfit to wear for all day long and I quite love this look. 

Snugged all up 

For more of a loungewear feel this Charcoal Oversized Sweatshirt and High Waisted Drawstring Joggers Lounge set literally will make you want to sleep in this because it's SOOOOO comfortable and soft. Honestly if you want the extra dressier look, then you can pair the oversized sweater with a pair of tight jeans or pants, and with your favourite handbag and heels. But say you want more of a home-loungewear outfit, then my all bets are on this set. 

The colour gives off denim vibes and it's definitely different. It's such a cute set to have in your wardrobe and one of those basic items for a must-have! Honestly I feel like I can get many wears out of this sweatshirt for sure especially when it feels super soft and comfortable. 

A touch of Emerald

For more of a defined hoodie set I am wearing the Emerald Oversized Front Pocket Drawstring Hoodie High Waisted Cuffed Joggers, which is great for an everyday wear at home, to the gym, shops and so forth. This outfit feels of amazing quality and I love how snugged it feels to wear. The detailed thick drawstrings definitely give off an edgy and sporty look to it which is great for outer gym wear, which would no doubt keep you feeling warm. Paired with your favourite sneakers, this is such a cute look to wear during the cooler season of course. And surely if you can't get enough of the emerald colour like myself, I would most definitely get this set in other colors too. 


Which was your favourite style? 

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